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Singer/Songwriter: Danielia Cotton

A unique musical trailblazer, Jamie welcomes critically acclaimed Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist Danielia Cotton to the show.
Her new album, the thought provoking and captivating ‘Good Day’ (Out January 22) sees Danielia channeling a mix of soul and rock while honoring the notion that “we are all warriors.”
A Cancer survivor and 6 time Marathoner, Danielia grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood listening to rock staples like AC/DC, the Rolling Stones and The Black Crowes. It is her unique background that has crafted an artist respected and admired by fans and industry with outlets like The New York Times calling her: “soulful enough to fill a revival tent” 
For more on Danielia Cotton, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Angela Autumn

Hailing from Zelienople, Pennsylvania and now based in Nashville, TN, Jamie welcomes a unique musical soul: Angela Autumn to the Live! show.
A guitar player by trade, Angela is also an outstanding clawhammer banjo player whose voice yodels, cascades, and breaks with emotion.
2021 saw Angela release a very special album, Frontiers Woman. A  self-produced musical project which includes a cast of modern-day Nashville session legends.
Join us for this special LIVE! Episode, where Angela shares the story of Frontier Woman, her unique musical journey, challenges, outlook and more. Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of the gorgeous tune ‘Insecurities’ as well.
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Bluegrass and Americana Band: Barbaro

Kyle Shelstad and Rachel Calvert of Critically acclaimed Americana band Barbaro join Jamie on the show.
Celebrating their new EP, Under the Covers (Out Now), Rachel and Kyle walk us through the genesis of Barbaro, the band dynamics, the uniqueness of their live shows and lots more. In addition, we learn of what was the criteria of the song selections for the EP as well as the way the band gives back including Our Saviour’s Community Services of Minneapolis and ‘Help The Grahams’ in memory of deceased friend Max Graham.
Tune in to discover a band that you oughta know, taking music fans by storm with their impactful live performances and unique sound.
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Singer/Songwriter: Janet Devlin

We welcome back a friend of our show, Irish singer & Songwriter Janet Devlin for the first time since June 2020.
Janet joins Jamie for an in depth conversation on a plethora of topics, including Janet’s new EP, ‘It’s Not That Deep’  (follow up  to 2020’s smash hit ‘Confessional’) and lots more. Other topics include getting inspired again after a successful album, covering Prince, getting back on tour and more. And stay tuned for the return of our popular ‘Flip The Tune’ game, to see if Janet can identify her hit songs when they’re played in reverse.
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Americana Duo: ELDR

Nashville-based Americana duo ELDR (husband-and-wife pair Jameson Elder and Hanna Rae) join Jamie on the show.
Having recently released a wonderful EP, ‘Nowhere Else to Go’, Jameson and Hannah share the story of the group, one born during the pandemic after each having successful solo careers. The album itself, also was written and produced almost entirely in their Nashville home while the nation was in lockdown: both ELDR and Nowhere Else To Go were born of that difficult year, 2020.
We invite you to learn about this incredible group with a unique spine-tingling sound. LEarn about wiring from emotion, the balance of working as a couple, their previous solo careers and more. Stay tuned as well for an exclusive performance of ‘Nowhere Else To Go’.
For more on ELDR, visi:

Singer/Songwriter: Sara Jean Kelley

Welcoming one of the most unique Singer & Songwriters in Nashville, Sara Jean Kelley to the show.
On the cusp of her brand new release ‘Black Snake’ (Out November 19) Sara chats about her unique journey. Growing up in a musical family, finding herself in Montana, stillness during lockdown and opening for Icons like Emmylou Harris. No topic is off-limits in this unique conversation with an artist you oughta know.
Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Black Snake’ and for more on Sara Jean Kelley including 2022 tour dates and more visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Claudia Combs Carty

An outstanding talent, Jaime welcomes Oakland based Claudia Combs Carty to the show.
Fresh off the release of her debut full length album ‘Phases’ Out Now, Claudia shares the story of the album, one written and made over the course of a decade.
Phases is as personal as a series of confessional journal entries. Each heartbreak takes lyrical form, and every intimate confession is transformed into soaring notes, in a crescendo of self-discovery and an honesty that can only be revealed through time and a ready pen.
Join us for a unique conversation that includes topics such as: letting go of toxicity, immortalizing heartache in music, a close bond with the piano and more. Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘All That’.
For more on Claudia Combs Carty, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: John Sierra

In his debut album,The Wonder, John Sierra invites listeners on a thoughtful journey intot heemotional landscape of the heart. Rich with soaring harmonies, driving acoustic rhythms,and haunting melodies,The Wonder wades through a folk-inspired sound with songs thatare unapologetically raw. Exploring heartache, healing, relationship, and working through regret.

We welcome John to discuss this album, finding a ‘Why’ when the odds seems low,  overcoming addiction and more, Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘The Wonder’ .

For more on John Sierra, visit www.


Singer/Songwriter: Maja Francis

Welcoming Swedish blazing talent Maja Francis to the show.

A late year surprise, the stunning full-length debut of Swedish artist Maja Francis reveals itself as a compelling statement of purpose. Projecting a need for emotional connection with catchy beats and outstanding songwriting, ‘A Pink Soft Mess’ instantly captivates and establishes itself as Maja’s most personal work yet.

What sets Maja apart from her contemporaries is the three-dimensional complexity of her character, and all sides are on display in this album. We welcome Maja to a wonderful and in-depth conversation. One that touches on mental health, recording melodies in the middle of the night, growing up in a record store and more. Also, stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘How Are We Doing’ the closing track of the stunning album.

Don’t miss ‘A Pink Soft Mess’ out now wherever you stream your music.


Indie-Rock Band: The Heavy Hours

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio we welcome The Heavy Hours to the show.
With a distinctive strain of warm-hearted, open-armed alternative rock the band has quickly amassed a big following not only by music fans across North America, but critics as well.
Last year, the Cincinnati-based band released their first single “Don’t Walk Away,” a folksy anthem co-written by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and just this past August, their debut EP ‘Wildfire’ saw the light of day.
Join us as lead singer Michael Marcagi, guitarist AJ Yorio and Bassist Jonathan Moon share their story of the first practices they had, what makes Ohio music special, pre-show rituals and more

Singer/Songwriter: Brandy Zdan

Hailed by Rolling Stone as a “Guitar Hero of The Highest Order”, Jamie welcomes Nashville Rocker Brandy Zdan to the show.
The Canadian musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer just released one of the year’s most impactful Albums, ‘Falcon’ (Out Now) which deals with some of her most personal songwriting yet.
With themes of miscarriages, grief, solitude and hope, the album will resonate far and wide with Mothers, and listeners around the world. Also of note, it was self-produced, self-engineered and crafted by Brandy herself.
A true gem of an album.
For more on Brandy Zdan, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Allie Dunn

Welcoming Allie Dunn, an exciting emerging artist with a fresh new voice and a unique story, to the show.
Allie’s debut EP Good As Gone, (Out Now via Porter Rose Records) draws on classic Laurel Canyon songwriting whilst blending modern sounds across heartland rock, modern Americana and Nashville’s own brand of radio-ready pop country.
From New York City and now in Nashville, Allie Dunn believed her path was initially to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a doctor. She was at college learning biology but in her sophomore year, she took a leap of faith to pursue her musical dreams.
Join us as she goes into details of this exciting breakthrough in her life, her early influences such as The Eagles, a talent for basketball and much more.
For more information on Allie Dunn, visit:



Singer/Songwriter: Hello Lightfoot

Jessica Louise Dye, uber talented friend of our show, and now with a solo project ‘Hello Lightfoot’ returns to our show.

A renowned frontwoman for surf rock band ‘High Waisted’, Jessica has stepped out as a solo artist on her new project which consists of equal parts groundbreaking pop with danceable hooks and captivating verses.

The EP project started nearly ten years ago, and served as a cathartic process for some life curveballs that helped her evolve as an Artist and as a person, including the unexpected death of her best friend.

Fantastic first single ‘Twenty Seven;’ is out now, and expect to hear a lot from Hello Lightfoot in 2022 and beyond.



Singer/Guitarist: Keith Murray (We Are Scientists)

Singer and Guitarist Keith Murray, of beloved indie heroes ‘We Are Scientists’ joins the show.
Fresh off the release of their first album in three years, the blistering ‘Huffy’ Keith shares with Jamie the gratification of finishing this album, knowing if a song works in a live setting, meeting Chris Cain at a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ viewing party & More.
Also, stay tuned to an exclusive performance from Keith at the end of this episode you won’t wanna miss.
For dates on their newly announced ‘Come on Get Huffy’ North American Tour 2022, and more, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Elke

Welcoming a unique Musical talent carving her own sound, Elke (Kayla Graninger) who is celebrating her debut album ‘No Pain For Us Here’.
Recently released to critical acclaim on September 24th, 2021 the album features Elke exploring new sounds and a fresh musical range to create a haunting and unforgettable collection of songs.
On previous releases – 2018 debut EP Bad Metaphors (produced by Shawn Everett: The Killers, The War on Drugs, Local Natives) and last year’s follow-up EP Visitors – Graninger aimed to break down barriers of gender roles, utilizing the low end of her vocal register, inspired by songwriters like Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.
The new release, produced by Zac Farro (Paramore, HALFNOISE), who’s most recent production credit includes Becca Mancari’s critically acclaimed LP The Greatest Part expands on the incredible range and artistic palate of Elke’s musical colors that audiences will surely enjoy.
For more on Elke, follow her on Instagram @elkemusek

Singer/Songwriter: Morgan Wade

Friend of the show, and one of the most talented young stars in music Morgan Wade joins us from Asheville, NC.
In the midst of finishing up a highlight year, one that saw Morgan ink a publishing deal with Universal Music in June, and a record deal with Arista Nashville in August, Morgan takes us into several topics . These include: her off day rituals from tour, habits that keep her mind right every day, performing at the historic Ryman auditorium and more.
With Morgan’s first official single at country radio “Wilder Days” currently breaking records across a variety of charts, its a perfect time to check out her debut album ‘Reckless’ if you have not had the chance to do so yet.
For more on Morgan Wade including future tour dates and more, visit:

Musical Artists: Rob Garza and Racquel Jones

Rob Garza, one half of internationally acclaimed electronic duo Thievery Corporation and friend of the show Singer/Songwriter Racquel Jones joins the show.
Having just finished a sold-out acclaimed tour through North America, Rob and Racquel join us from St. Petersburg where Rob shares the story of his newly released debut album ‘Daydream Accelerator’ , his new video for ‘Summer is Ours’ and more.
Racquel, our multi-talented friend who gave us an epic interview in early 2021, shares how she met Thievery Corporation, the magic of the return to the stages & lots more.
For more on Thievery Corporation visit

Singer/Songwriter: John King

Fresh off the release of his full-length debut album ‘Always Gonna Be You’ John King joins us on the show.
He’s the No. 1 songwriter behind Randy Houser’s “We Went” and Hootie and The Blowfish’s “Rollin” (the band’s first new song since 2005), and you’ve heard his anthemic radio heavy-hitter “Tonight Tonight” on CBS weekly NFL recaps. His new album released’ via Starstruck Records — is an autobiographical album of songs that tell a universal story and has been critically acclaimed.
Over the years, King has steadily climbed toward the top of the country music mainstream. His milestones include everything from No. 1 songs to 150+ shows on the road a year, but now, he’s ready to take listeners into the writing room with him and share a personal soundtrack of self-discovery and coming-of-age story.
Joins us on this special episode as we chat with John about his journey.
For more information, visit:

Musical Artist: Greta Morgan

In a much anticipated return to the show, Musical Artist Greta Morgan returns to the show for the first time since April 2020.

Known for her prolific career which includes bands and performances as varied as The Hush Sound, Gold Motel and Springtime Carnivore, Greta has also performed with Vampire Weekend as well as releasing music under her own name. This includes her haunting instant classic single ‘When The Sun Comes Up’, released in the Fall of 2020.

Like many, the past 18 months have brought challenges to Greta’s life, one in specific has been personal and life changing. Diagnosed with a disorder that affects the voice called ‘Spasmodic Dysphonia’ it has threatened her vocal progress and caused reflection and life altering perspectives.

We are honored and humbled Greta joins us to share the story, as well as brining us up to date on her wonderful traveling adventures, breakthrough moments in nature, the upcoming book she is writing, her musical project ‘The Gumdrops’ and much more.



Country-Music Duo: Tigirlily

On a special Live! episode of our show, we welcome back Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh of country music-duo Tigirlily. To say that Tigirlily is blowing up the charts would be an understatement.

This year has seen them release hit after hit, including a career defining single: ‘Somebody Does. The song debuted at #1 on the iTunes all-genre charts, and has since been streamed over 2 million times and has been featured on the Bobby Bones Show.

Shortly after this release, Tigirlily signed with Monument Records and Smack Publishing. Tigirlily released their self-titled debut EP in July 2021 which charted at #2 on the iTunes Country Charts.

Join us, as we chat with the sibling artists about everything from performing in lower Broadway and now arenas, the enduring connection with their fans and an in-depth look at ‘Somebody Does’, its history, impact and legacy.

For more on Tigirlily, visit,


Singer/Songwriter: Ric Robertson

New Orleans-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ric Robertson joins the show.
An American original, pulling influences from the greats that came before like John Prine and Willie Nelson, Ric still has managed to create his own musical universe earning the respect and mediation of fans and critics alike.
His new album, Carolina Child, out now is Robertson’s break-out moment, a fully-fledged multiverse of madcap ideas and creative anarchy. The album was produced by Dan Molad of Lucius, and features Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig from Lucius plus a whole host of Robertson’s friends including friend of our show Nate Leath.
Join us as we walk through the unique oath of Ric, from Greensboro, North Carolina to iconic stages across North America.
For more on Ric Robertson, visit:

Memphofest 2021 Episode: Featuring Moon Taxi & Southern Avenue

On  a special episode of Jrodconcerts: The Podcast, we come to you live from Memphis Tennessee, home of Memphofest Music Festival.

Joining us from the historic music city are Nashville based hit-makers ‘Moon Taxi’, specifically Tyler Ritter, Wes Bailey and Spencer Thomson. In addition we have also welcomed ‘Southern Avenue’ a Grammy nominated soul and roots band that is leaving a mark in stages across North America.

With Tyler, Wes and Spencer the fascinating conversation includes topics such as the debate of old Nashville vs ‘New’ Nashville, becoming parents recording on the road and their evolution as people through the pandemic.With Southern Avenue we are joined by Tierinii Jackson, Ori Naftaly, Jeremy Powell
Tikyra Jackson and Evan Sarver. Topics include health habits on the road, performing while pregnant as Tierinii is, the musical chemistry of the band and more.

Special thank you to Danielle Dror, Crissa Requate and the team at Memphofest for having us over. We encourage music fans and you, our audience, to visit this special gathering in their next editions. Check out the website for more information.


Chart-Topping Trio: The Buckleys

Friends of the show, and one of Australia’s most electrifying young bands The Buckelys return to our show for the first time since Oct 2020.
The three-‐piece band featuring siblings Sarah, Lachlan and Molly Buckley just released a new single,  ‘Woodstock69’ — an ode to one of the most monumental moments in music history.
The tune perfectly captures the Byron Bay siblings’ exquisite song-writing and feel-good foundations. Written by Sarah Buckley, Phil Barton (Nashville’s Music Row Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year) and Dave Thomson (co-writer #1 hit ‘Champagne Night’ by Lady A, it is yet another building block in a string of hit singles.
Join us for a wonderful conversation that includes productivity during lockdown, playing one of Australia’s biggest stadiums, dating and an exclusive performance of ‘Woodstock69’.
For more on The Buckleys, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Stacey Kelleher

Sharing messages of understanding in her music, Stacey Kelleher writes songs that make one thing clear: she’s still figuring life out, and that’s okay. With catchy melodies reminiscent of LANY and Maggie Rogers, emotive lyrics like Phoebe Bridgers’, and quirky indie-pop production similar to Holly Humberstone’s, Kelleher has cultivated the unique sound of herself – a young woman working hard and keeping it real.

A talent-based scholarship graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Kelleher has performed at legendary venues including The Hotel Café in Los Angeles, California and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is currently releasing new music leading up to her new EP, due out in November 2021.

We welcome Stacey to share her story, unique path and more.


Singer/Songwriter: Jeremy Pinnell

With a unique mixture of classic country and Laurel Canyon style Rock N’Roll, it’s no wonder Jeremy Pinnell has accrued a big following and critical acclaim.

We welcome Jeremy to celebrate his third studio album Goodbye L.A, set to release on SofaBurn Records on October 1st. Produced by Texan JonathanTyler, Goodbye L.A.

is a 10-song listening experience intended to do one simple thing: make you happy.

Pinnell explains, “[Production-wise] I wanted like 80s Waylon, ZZ Top. My idea was that I wanted to write a record that made people happy,” he says. “I want people to dance and have fun and love each other.”

Join us for a special conversation that digs deep into Jeremy’s creative process, self consciousness in songwriting and a special performance for the jrodconcerts audience.

Singer/Songwriter: Old Sea Brigade

We welcome Atlanta-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Cramer: Old Sea Brigade to the show.
A critically acclaimed artist, Ben recently released a staggering and beautiful album titled ‘Motivational Speaking’ , his second full length offering offering full Americana bliss, rock energy, and country heart.

On this special Live! episode, Ben shares with us his musical background, his first days as a Punk Rocker, his experience at the University of Miami School of Music, opening for rock icons such as Kansas and more.

For more on Old Sea Brigade, including tour dates, merch and more, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Stephanie Quayle

A musical lighting bolt, with a strong voice and spirit to match, Stephanie Quayle’s career has been impactful and inspiring in Nashville and beyond.
Among many accolades, the Montana-born songstress and Entrepreneur has been named by Rolling Stone Country as “An Artist You Need To Know”  and CMT has named her “Next Women of Country”. In addition to this, Stephanie has performed for five U.S Presidents (Obama, W. Bush, H.W Bush, Clinton and Carter) and iconic venues like the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry on several occasions.
For more on Stephanie Quayle visit

Bristol Rhythm & Roots 2021 Episode: Featuring Sierra Ferrell, 49 Winchester & Charlene Baker

On a special episode of Jrodconcerts: The Podcast, we come to you live from Bistol Tennesse/Virginia, the birthplace of country music.
Joining us from the hollowed musical ground is friend of our show and whimsical artist Sierra Ferrell, one of the hottest up and coming bands in the world ’49 Winchester’ and Director or Marketing/Communications for the Birthplace of Country Music Charlene Baker.
With Sierra the fascinating conversation includes topics such as the importance of mental health, giving people an experience through her music and her evolution as a person through the pandemic.
With 49 Winchester we are joined by lead singer and songwriter Isaac Gibson and Chase Chaffin (Bass) . Topics include their extraordinary rise in 2020/2021, their connection to Bristol and the brotherhood as a band.
With Director or Marketing/Communications for the Birthplace of Country Music Charlene Baker she takes us through a spectacular introduction of the festival and why it matter so much in music lore.
Special thank you to Danielle Dror, Charlene Baker and the team at Birthplace of Country Music for having us over. We encourage music fans and you, our audience to visit this special gathering in their next editions.
Check out the website for more information.

Singer/Songwriter: Katelyn Tarver

Singer, Songwriter and Actress Katelyn Tarver joins the show.
Celebrating her upcoming album ‘Subject to Change’ Katelyn Tarver has tapped into her most personal album yet,  capturing the most painful truths in impossibly lovely pop songs. With a bracing specificity that strikes every raw nerve, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter documents a turbulent period in her recent past, shedding light on all the grief and confusion and lost sense of self. Infinitely brightened by her radiant voice, the result is the musical equivalent of a brutally honest conversation with a close friend—one that leaves you undeniably rattled but with a renewed clarity and deeper understanding of your own chaotic heart.
Join us as we chat with Katelyn about her southern upbringing, embracing your demons to grow, her winning turn in NBC’s show ‘Songland’ and much more. Catch Katelyn on the road Spring 2022 and visit her website for more.

Singer/Songwriter: Matthew Fowler

Originally from Orlando Matthew Fowler’s new outstanding album ‘The Grief We Gave Our Mother’ has been a long time coming.
An ode to growing up & chasing dreams. Matthew wrote most of the album in his early & mid twenties, capturing the inevitable seasons of change in his life. He quit his job managing a music venue in Gainesville, FL; moved to Denver; fell in and out of love; lost his grandfather; and toured for a year and a half with longtime friends Tana and Addy Prado
Excited to have Matthew on the show for a special heartfelt conversation, and stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Cassie’ from the new album.
For more on Matthew Fowler, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Eva Cassel

Armed with a fistful of high energy Indie pop songs with crunchy guitars and great hooks, Eva Cassel is a musical force to keep an eye on.
Her latest single ‘So good’ follows a string of acclaimed releases including the 2020 EP ‘Spaces You Crawl in Between’ which includes the addictive single ‘Nothing’.
Eva’s music ventures into places far and wide, and we are thrilled to hear her story from the songstress himself, from her first musical steps in Northern California to Music City – Nashville, Tennessee.
Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘So Good’ and for more on Eva, visit her official website:

Singer/Songwriter: Kashena Sampson

With banging beats, and a powerful voice, it’s no Surprise Kashena Sampson is one of Nashville’s most admired talents.

Her new album, the 11 track ‘Time Machine’ is a wonderful collection, songs are punchy and upbeat to match the blunt, emotions Kashena composes in the vein of 1960’s Laurel Canyon folk trail blazers like Linda Ronstadt and Joni Mitchell, with arrangements nothing short of superb.

Tune of this Live! episode with Kashena, where we encompass her journey from growing up in Hong Kong, to her pivotal artistic periods in Las Vegas and Los Angeles before finding a home in Nashville.

Don’t forget to check out ‘Time Machine’ the wonderful new album out NOW.


Entrepreneur/Activist: Mike 'Grimey' Grimes

Live music Entrepreneur, activist, music fan and community leader. The titles of Mike Grimes are ample and varied.

As co-owner and founder of Grimey’s Independent record store, and owner of famed music venues The Basement and The Basement East, Mike has left a mark that will go on forever not just in Nashville, but in the music scene far and wide.

In this special Labor day episode, we sit down with Mike at the famed The Basement, a place where countless acts such as Metallica and Maren Morris have performed, and talk about timeless stories. Among them, the resilience of coming back from Covid-19, rebuilding The Basement East after the devastating tornado of February 2020, the secret Metallica show, animal advocacy and many more stories.

We hope you enjoy this great episode with Mike Grimes, and if you are visiting Nashville make sure to stop at Grimey’s for unique records, or catch one of a kind shows at The Basement and The Basement East.



Producer/Guitarist: Steven Chris Harrah

An accomplished and gifted musician, Jamie welcomes Nashville based Steven Chris Harrah to the show.
A well known name in the Nashville music scene, Steven is a frequent collaborator of the biggest names in music and can be heard playing everywhere from legendary stages at famed Broadway street to timeless musical venues across ‘Music City’.
Also part of ‘The Northern Lights’ a harmony driven rock group, Steven is a musical soul you oughta know. Join us as Steven shares his unique life story, breakthroughs and much more.
For more on The Northern Lights, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Grayson Jenkins

A blazing talent out of Kentucky, Jaime welcomes Grayson Jenkins to the show.
With a shrewd sincerity, a hopeful resignation, and a canny insight into the ways of the world, Grayson Jenkins is sharing his stories in the form of a ten-track album called Turning Tides which was just released on August 27th.
Join us as we chat about the growing importance and recognition of Kentucky music, creative collaborations with our friend Miles Miller, deciding on a musical purpose later in life, and balancing the right tone in songwriting.
Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of  ‘Turning Tides’.
For more on Grayson Jenkins, including upcoming tour dates:

Musicians: Kevin Leon and Jesse Phillips (St. Paul And The Broken Bones)

Joined by two gifted musical souls: Jesse Phillips and Kevin Leon, better known for their work with Soul ensemble ‘St Paul And The Broken Bones’.
Drawing influence from Motown, Muscle Shoals and more, Jesse is the band’s co-founder and its iconic bass player. Kevin, a skilled drummer from Atlanta joined the band later and has quickly become a fan favorite with his trademark drumming and unique hair.
We are pleased to connect with Kevin and Jesse who share unique stories from the road, their brotherhood chemistry, Kevin’s recent nuptials and lots more.
To check out St. Paul And The Broken Bones, visit:  for dates and tickets

Blue Ox Music Festival Episode: Featuring Lillie Mae, Scarlett Rische & LISSIE

On a special episode of Jrodconcerts: The Podcast, we come to you live from Eau Claire Wisconsin, home of the Blue Ox Music Festival.
Joining us from the beautiful festival grounds are friends of our show Lillie Mae (Singer, Songwriter,Fiddle & Guitar Player), Scarlett Rische (Mandolin) and LISSIE (Singer, Songwriter & Guitar).
With Lillie and Scarlett, the fascinating conversation includes topics such as the importance of therapy when playing in a family band, quitting smoking, gardening, time with loved ones and letting go of anxiety.
With the always wonderful LISSIE, we chat about living abroad in Paris and the role it played in her career, popcorn entrepreneurship and the pre-show rituals before rocking the stage.
Special thank you to Karen Wells Verlander and the team at Blue Ox Music Festival for having us over. We encourage music fans and you our audience to visit this special gathering in their next editions. Check out the website for more information.

Singer/Songwriter: Vincent Neil Emerson

A thrilling Texas Troubadour, Jamie is pleased to welcome Vincent Neil Emerson to the show.
Praised by The Dallas Observer as “capable of handling all the funny, fraught and fantastic elements of the genre,” Vincent  recently released his self-titled album, dubbed by Texas Monthly as “a thrilling continuation of the raw, revelatory Texas troubadour tradition,” via La Honda Records / Thirty Tigers.
The album, Produced by Legendary Rodney Crowell, features 10 tracks, all written by solely by Emerson at his home in Fort Worth, Texas and continues his ascent into the top tier of today’s country and americana artists nationwide.
Join us to hear unique stories of working with Rodney Crowell, the return of touring, added pressure and lots more. Be sure to catch Vincent Neil Emerson on the road this fall, and for more including merch, dates and bio, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Lauren Mascitti

Friend of our show and acclaimed Musician Laren Mascitti joins us for a special Live! Episode.
Jumping to national consciousness with an unforgettable run on ‘American Idol’, Lauren released one of 2020’s unforgettable albums ‘God Made a Woman’, which includes the now classic title track.
The past year has been a whirlwind year of personal and professional growth for Lauren, including appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, music videos and a new follow up album. Join us as Lauren shares with us unforgettable stories, anecdotes and an exclusive performance if her latest single ‘One Life Stand’.
For more on Lauren Mascitti, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Arrested Youth (Ian Johnson)

With over 100 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music, Arrested Youth (Ian Johnson) is one of the most in-demand Alt-Rock artists today.
His first studio LP, Nonfiction out since June 25th via Lowly / Big Noise has been received with critical and fan acclaim, and has become a staple on Alternative radio stations across the country.
The album is produced by John Feldmann and sees Johnson at his most vulnerable, offering fans a glimpse into his recent struggles and triumphs — tackling everything from mental health to relationships. Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus is also on the focal single “Find My Own Way”.
Join us for an in-depth discussion with Ian, about gratitude, running, music, working with Mark Hoppus and lots more.
Don’t miss out Arrested Youth on the road with his own tour and opening for Twenty One Pilots this fall. For tour dates and more, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Matt Vinson (The Wonderfool & CAAMP)

Matt Vinson, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and multi-Instrumentalist joins Jamie on the show.
Notably part of the chart-topping folk group CAAMP, Matt is celebrating the release of the fourth studio album under his side project ‘The Wonderfool’ with the latest offering ‘Shiner’ out since August 11th.
Matt encapsulated The Wonderfool during 2015 while studying at Ohio University. From there he solely worked alone recording, producing, and writing. However, as Shiner took shape, the record proved to be something quite different, full of guest appearances from fellow road warriors (including CAAMP frontman Taylor Meier) and fueled by Vinson’s sharpest songwriting to date.
For more information on The Wonderfool, including tour dates and more, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Bre Kennedy

Singer/songwriter Bre Kennedy, the ‘hit making’ machine out of Nashville, returns to the show and talks about her return to the stage, her upcoming Album, her Bonnaroo show in September 2021, her future, and much more in a deep and funny conversation with host Jamie Rodriguez on the new episode of Jrodconcerts: The Podcast LIVE.
Bre, who has become a critic and fan favorite, has written some of the most sublime alt-pop songs of recent months that touch on her self-aware dual relationship with melancholy and hope, letting go of control, and enjoying the present moment.
Stay tuned for exclusive performances of ‘Control’ and ‘Progress’ and more for more on Bre Kennedy, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Nicholas Jamerson

An  emerging talent who is true to his Kentucky Roots, Jamie welcomes Nicholas Jamerson to the show.
Growing up in the foothills of East Kentucky, his songs reflect their attention to the natural world, warm hearted characters , and the plight and triumphs of the modern day man. He draws on these themes in order to stay faithful to Eastern Kentucky and its timeless values.
His 2020 Album ‘the Wild Frontier’ was amongst the best albums of 2020, with an ambitious story arc, rich characters, splendid melodies and wonderful songwriting. Currently on tour behind this record, you can catch Nicholas in major festivals across North America including Master Musicians Festival, Railbird, Floydfest and lots more.
In an insightful and classic conversation, we delve deep on topics including parenthood, changing the meaning of life challenges, the return of ‘Sundy Best’, playing in the Grand Ole Opry and lots more.
For more information on Nicholas Jamerson, visit:

Musical Group: Track45

Sibling trio Jenna, Ben, and KK Johnson, better known as ‘Track45’ , return to the show for a special LIVE episode of Jrodconcerts: The Podcast.
One of Nashville’s most exciting and buzziest bands, the band have continued to set themselves apart with a powerful punch of crystalline melodies, magnetic personalities, and incredible talent.
Join us as the siblings share unique stories with Jamie of their latest adventures, including Ben’s award-winning songwriting, Jenna’s approach to gratitude, KK’s financial strategies and unique performances of three of the band’s hit singles.
For more information, visit:

Singer/Songwriter Lisa Crawley:

Indie-Pop Chanteuse and New Zealand-native Lisa Crawley joins Jamie on the show.
Lisa’s refreshingly honest onstage presence and emotionally authentic pop songs  have enthralled her to an ever-growing global audience. Her latest EP ‘Looking for Love (In A Major)’ out on July 23rd, 2021 is one of her best works yet, with a fascinating mixture of deep lyrics, personal stories, and irresistible catchy indie hooks.
A natural collaborator, artist, and Actress, Lisa arrived in Los Angeles in February 2020 just before the world shut down. During the uncertain course of Hollywood isolation, Lisa made the best of it, streaming live piano karaoke three nights a week, accompanying singers from all over the world, and put the finishing touches on the EP.
For more on Lisa Crawley, including future tour dates and more, visit:

Episode #200: Brit Taylor, Adam Chaffins and Miles Miller

In a special extended Live episode celebrating 200 episodes of ‘Jrodconcerts: The Podcast’ we are joined by previous guests and good friends Brit Taylor, Adam Chaffins and Miles Miller.
Brit Taylor just re-released her 2020 smash album ‘Real Me’ with a special Deluxe edition with new tracks including the hit song ‘At Least There’s No Babies’, available now wherever music is sold. Real Me,’ was on critics short list as Album of the Year, and earned positive reviews from numerous outlets including Rolling Stone, Billboard, American Songwriter, and Music Row. 
Adam Chaffins , was named one of “The Best New Artists Playing AmericanaFest” in 2019 and his Keith Whitley cover of ‘I’m Over You’ was recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine as “cinematic” and offering “prized layers over dense heaps of sound. He is preparing his follow up album.
Miles Miller, part of Sturgill Simpson’s band, is an incredibly accomplished musician in his own right. One of the most in-demand drummers in Nashville, he also has one of Music City’s most underrated voices.
We hope you enjoy the episode and keep an eye on this trio of East Kentucky musical gems, who will be around for decades to come.

Singer/Songwriter: Dallas Burrow

An adventurer, and original musical craftsman, pleased to welcome Dallas Burrow to the show.
With a sound rooted in folk, shaped by classic country, and heavily influenced by the Texas ‘Twang’, Dallas has been on a rapid rise since his debut album in 2019 ‘Southern Wind’. That album reached Number 25 on the UK Americana Chart and Number 4 on the US Alt-Country chart, paving the way for a string of cross-country shows alongside fellow road warriors like Charley Crockett.
Now, Dallas just released his new self-titled album, (Out July 23rd) a record about embracing maturity and the responsibilities of family life, sung by Burrow in a voice that bears both the road-worn weariness of a lifelong highwayman and the fierce fire of a man reborn.   Produced by legendary Bruce Robison, this is one album that will captivate audiences from the first listen.
Enjoy this unique conversation with Dallas, and stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Outlaw Highway’.
For more on Dallas Burrow, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Dallas Burrow

An adventurer, and original musical craftsman, pleased to welcome Dallas Burrow to the show.
With a sound rooted in folk, shaped by classic country, and heavily influenced by the Texas ‘Twang’, Dallas has been on a rapid rise since his debut album in 2019 ‘Southern Wind’. That album reached Number 25 on the UK Americana Chart and Number 4 on the US Alt-Country chart, paving the way for a string of cross-country shows alongside fellow road warriors like Charley Crockett.
Now, Dallas just released his new self-titled album, (Out July 23rd) a record about embracing maturity and the responsibilities of family life, sung by Burrow in a voice that bears both the road-worn weariness of a lifelong highwayman and the fierce fire of a man reborn.   Produced by legendary Bruce Robison, this is one album that will captivate audiences from the first listen.
Enjoy this unique conversation with Dallas, and stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Outlaw Highway’.
For more on Dallas Burrow, visit:

Musician, Actor and Author: David Duchovny

Singer-Songwriter, Actor and Author  David Duchovny joins the show.

While fans may know him best for his screen work (The X-Files, Californication), Duchovny has carved out a larger creative role over the years, authoring four books and releasing three albums while earning raves (and a dedicated fanbase) for his live shows

His latest Album ‘Gestureland’ (Out August 20th) is a melancholy, occasionally noisy but ultimately beautiful affair, and another creative triumph Duchovny. Evoking 1970’s era sounds reminiscent of the Eagles and Neil Young, the album was written mostly during the unrestful days of 2020 with political and health upheavals omnipresent.
Join us as David, chats with Jamie about the inner workings on the album, his late career foray into music, the advent of binge watching Television, the enduring impact of Californication and more.
For more information on David Duchovny, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Andrew Leahey

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Andrew Leahey, one of music’s most esteemed rock & roll songsmith’s joins Jamie on the show.
Coming from the musical DNA of the likes of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and U2, Andrew fronts ‘Andrew Leahy & The Homestead’ a band carrying the torch of anthemic and guitar-driven rock. The band, hailed by Rolling Stone for its “celebratory mix of sharp storytelling and fist-pumping rock & roll swagger” is a tour mainstay having played to sold-out audiences in places like Mexico, South Africa and Norway.
In addition, Andrew is an in-demand player in the Nashville music scene, playing in a plethora of outstanding projects including Elizabeth Cook’s 2020 Gem ‘Aftermath’ among others.
Join us, as Andrew shares great stories and anecdotes. Among them, his deep musical relationship with the late Tom Petty, how the legendary Nashville tribute show to The Traveling Wilburys came about, his first memories as a U2 fan, his upcoming album with the Homestead & more.
For more on Andrew Leahey, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Betty Reed

We welcome a rising, Billboard charting special talent out of Nashville, Betty Reed.
Roaring on the scene with her 2020 single ‘Drunk on You’ (Over 40K Streams on Spotify) Betty is now preparing her new EP ‘Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned’ which is out on September 3rd.
The first single ‘Karma’ has already critics buzzing for its message and openness. Out now, it’s a strong message about toxic relationships, and liberating oneself in order to grow. An inspiring theme, ever present in Betty’s music.
Join us as Betty shares her musical path, including her unique upbringing, experience at Berklee College of Music, becoming resilient, spiritual growth and more. Stay tuned for an exclusive acoustic performance of ‘Toxic’ as well.
For more on Betty Reed, including Tour Dates, Fan Club & More:

Singer/Songwriter: Miss Jackie Wilson

Miss Jackie Wilson, one of Nashville’s most recognized vocalists and performers joins Jamie on the show.
A Season 10 American Idol highlight, Jackie started singing at the age of three and has not stopped since. With a voice that has been described as a mix of Ann Peebles, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Chaka Khan, and a little Whitney Houston, it’s no surprise that Jackie’s performances leave audiences on their feet.
We welcome Jackie for a very fascinating conversation about her career,  soul and breathtaking spiritual path.
For more information on Miss Jackie Wilson, including future tour dates, store, bio and more, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Alex Dugan (Culture Wars)

Alex Dugan, frontman for Austin, TX trio Culture Wars joins Jamie on the show.
On the heels of the fall release of their upcoming EP ‘Teche’ and a brand new single called ‘Hunger’, ‘ Culture Wars; is quickly making a big name in the Alternative-Pop/Rock scene.
The band, (In addition to Alex includes) David Grayson, and Dillion Randolph) has amassed over 7 million streams, inciting a flurry of activity on TikTok charting a top 30 on Alternative radio. Inspired by the likes of New Order and U2, their Live shows have also created a splendid reputation as one of the best live shows in music today.
For more on Culture Wars visit:

Musician/Entrepreneur: James Priestner (Rare Americans)

James Priestner, frontman for one of the most unique and trailblazing bands in North America, Rare Americans joins the show.
With a reputation for story telling and genre bending fresh music, Rare Americans has achieved a great and loyal following with plenty of public and critical acclaim. In addition to having over 50M YouTube views, 150M global streams, 500k social media followers, they also scored a 2020 Juno for their song “Brittle Bones Nicky”, a song featured in Warner’s Scoob! The Movie soundtrack, and a spot on the Billboard Top 100 album charts.
Join us as James, shares with us not only the unique story of his band, but takes us inside the creative world that he has built. The animated characters, the books, the music and so much more.
For more information on Rare Americans, visit:

Folk/Pop Duo: The Bittersweets

With a unique sound completely their own, Nashville based (Via San Francisco) The Bittersweets are a musical duo unlike any other.
Composed of Chris and Hannah Meyers, The Bittersweets have created raving fans and admiring critics with their unique blend of sound. One that takes listeners through the intricacies of life:  good, bad and the challenging in equal measure.
We welcome the musical powerhouse to share their beautiful journey and unique stories.  Including: their songwriting process, how they began releasing one new song every month in 2021 and the genesis of their cover Aerosmith’s ‘Livin’ on The Edge’.
For more information on The Bittersweets including future tour dates, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Lindsay Ellyn

Lindsay Ellyn , author of one of the year’s breakthrough albums ‘Queen of Nothing’ joins Jamie on the show.
Lindsay, (who also doubles as a senior marketer and writer at an ad agency) self-penned, self-funded, and recorded the album February 28 – March 1, 2020, at a time her world shut down. Not only for a ‘once in a lifetime’ pandemic, but also for the historic Nashville tornado that tore through Lindsay’s office and other Music city neighborhoods right before.
The adversity however, seems to have served the album. Hailed by critics, it is a wonderful listen from the first note to the last stop. For more on Lindsay Ellyn including future tour dates and more:

Singer/Songwriter: Olivia Soli

Los Angeles-based emerging pop artist Olivia Soli, joins Jamie on the show.
Fresh off the release of her debut single ‘Boy Bye’ , Olivia, who has been performing since an early age, shares with us her career path, driving motivation, hopes, dreams and more.
From getting cast in musical theatre as one of the Von Trapp kids in ‘The Sound of Music’ to performing at the exclusive L.A Jazz club ‘Vibrato’, the path to this moment for Olivia has been almost inevitable. As she gears to release her first full EP in the second half of 2021, exciting times are coming for the Singer/Songwriter.
Learn abou Olivia Soli, and for more check out her social media @olivia.soli

Singer/Songwriter: Brandon Jenner

Los Angeles-born, singer, songwriter and producer Brandon Jenner joins Jamie on the show.

Brandon’s newest EP, the fantastic ‘Short of Home’ has been a long time in the making. Written, Produced and recorded during lockdown, it is his most honest and raw work yet.

Following a whirlwind year of gigs around the world, a new marriage and the birth of his twin sons, each track is carefully crafted to bring out honest emotions in each and every listener.

He also recently released a moving new music video for the emotional song ‘Life for Two’, written at the request of a dying fan in Denmark as a song for her two young children. Don’t miss the exclusive performance of this new single at the end of this episode.

Make sure to check out Brandon as he heads to the road throughout 2021. You can find out his dates and more at:


Singer/Songwriter: Candi Carpenter

An episode for the books, Singer/Songwriter Candi Carpenter () one of Nashville’s shining stars joins the show.
With two releases already in 2021, ‘When The Asteroid Comes’ EP and the side project with Josh Doyle ‘ Here Comes The Church of Roswell’ it’s been a prolific year for candi who opens up in a revealing and unforgettable interview.
Relationships, Divorce, abuse in the music industry, life obstacles and a whole lot more.
This is an interview not to be missed.
For more on Candi Carpenter:

Singer/Songwriter: Emma Charles

Hailing from Westport, Ct, and now based in Los Angeles, Jamie welcomes Emma Charles to a special Live episode of the show.
Hailed by Billboard as a 2020 ‘Breakout Emerging Artist’ as well as a “What’s Next” artist by the world’s largest music compilation brand ‘NOW, That’s What I Call Music’ (joining previous What’s Next artists Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes among other) its easy to see why Emma has become a critical and fan favorite.
Her effortless vocals are perfectly produced by Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, SHAED, Ashe), and with songwriting wise beyond her ears it’s no surprise that Emma’s recent releases have been streamed collectively well over 100,000 times in every corner of the globe.
Join us as Emma shares with Jamie unique stories, such as attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music, moving cross country to pursue her music career, growing up with a strong musical background and even a unique performance of the hit song ‘Connecticut’.
For more on Emma Charles:

Singer/Songwriter: Lissie

Friend of the show, and dazzling Singer/Songwriter, Lissie is back on Jrodconcerts: The Podcast.
Celebrating two new projects, Lissie has been busy and with plenty of creative projects on the horizon. The anniversary edition of ‘Catching a Tiger’ is out now on a special double colored vinyl, while a new retrospective: ‘Watch Over Me: Early Works 2002-2009’ comes out July 23rd.
Join us as Lissie shares with Jamie some details on her next album, playing tribute shows with friends in Nashville, how 2020 helped her evolve as a person, and even plays ‘Flip the Tune’.
For more information on Lissie, including upcoming dates, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Kristina Murray

Acclaimed Country and Americana singer/songwriter Kirstina Murray joins the show.
With a haunting voice and a unique lyrical style that draws on classic country among other influences, Kristina has become a Nashville staple, playing in historical venues like 3rd and Lindsley and sharing the stage with acts like Josh Morningstar among others.
Her music cuts through your soul with the intricacies of life. From the beauty of the small momentum to the harshness of relationships and expectations unmet.
We welcome Kristina to talk about many topics, including her unique determination, artistic formation around the country,  songwriting and stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘The Great Unknown’.
For more on Kristina Murray, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Lainey Wilson

A shining star in music, and a shining human spirit, we welcome Lainey Wilson to the show.

Hailing from Baskin, Louisiana, Lainey spent seven years in Nashville building momentum, and it is now paying off in spades as her songwriting, live performances, charisma and good heart are well known everywhere in Music City.

Lainey’s new album, the instant classic ‘Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ has been an absolute smash hit! Everywhere from the Billboard charts to the top streaming playlists, and critics ‘Best of’ lyrics, it ias a collection of r12 songs that take listeners on a full emotional journey.

Join us as Lainey shares with Jamie unique stories about handling new pressures in her career, the touring preparation, determination and more.

For more information on Lainey Wilson including tour dates for her upcoming worldwide stops, visit:


R&B/Soul Musician: Maxwell Planes

A unique artist, Maxwell Planes has created a special sound that he describes as “a fusion of soul, rap, and country with a layer of smooth R&B guitar licks”

The new single, ‘Runnnin’, written about the struggles of daily life, and emotions that come with them ( especially bubbling to the surface during the 2020 pandemic) has been very well received by his fans and the critics for its openness.

We welcome the Chicago native, for a deep chat about mental health, musical inspiration, the music video for ‘Runnin’ and more,

For more on Maxwell planes, check out his social media links: @maxwellplanes



Musician/Writer/Producer Zayde Wølf

A  tour de force and unique artist, Zayde Wølf is a musician unlike any other.
The solo project of Dustin Burnett, a Nashville-based producer and musician, Zayde Wolf has licensed hundreds of songs – from film trailers, television shows and video games, to major domestic and international advertisements on the internet with Fox, NBC, ABC, ESPN, MTV, CBS and TLC networks.
Celebrating the brand new album ‘Neon Blood Type’, Dustin joins Jamie on the show to chat about the unique genesis of this musical project, overcoming adversity, hearing your own songs on major Sporting television events, his love of basketball and more.
For more on  Zayde Wølf, including future tour dates, music, videos, and more:

Singer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist: Rachel Baiman

Singer/Songwriter Rachel Baiman, one of the most skilled and admired instrumentalists in the Americana world joins Jamie on the show.

Celebrating the release of her masterful new album, ‘Cycles’ is home to some of the year’s most thrilling music so far. An album with a real willingness to wear the battles of the real world, more brazenly in the open it is sure to captivate critics and audiences in the months to come.

We welcome Rachel for a wonderful chat, where she shares how the pandemic year of 2020 helped her grow, the return of touring, empathy and the return of ‘Flip The Tune’ among more.

For more on Rachel Baiman, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Josh Morningstar

With sensational guitar work, deeply personal lyrics and a signature voice, Josh Morningstar is an Artist unlike any other.
Originally from Funkstown, Maryland,the Troubadour,  who was named the 2018 Texas Radio Songwriter of the Year, has written songs alongside Kendell Marvel, Channing Wilson, Autumn McEntire, and many more.
On the stage, he’s shared the lights with some of today’s most sought after folk and country artists, including Shooter Jennings, Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers, Todd Snider, Colter Wall, and Ward Davis.
We welcome you to this special conversation with Josh, where we go deep into his special songwriting process, the importance of being surrounded by the right people, remembering Hank Williams and more.
For more information on Josh Morningstar, including upcoming dates, visit:

Alt-Rock Band: East of June

East of June, one of the most exciting Alt-Rock bands out of Los Angeles returns to the show.
Celebrating the stellar new EP ‘Omens and Signs’ , we are joined by Emily Rath , Kyle Mortensen and Dirk Lance who walk us through their best work yet and give an exclusive performance of one of the new songs ‘Lazy Sunday’.
Don’t miss this fantastic conversation that also includes topics such as: Emily’s Social Media skills, Kyle’s tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen, Dirk’s experience to the band and lots more.
For more on East of June, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Lauren Morrow

Soulful, powerful and thought-provoking Singer/Songwriter Lauren Morrow joins the show.
With sincerity over superficiality, quality over quantity and substance above anything else, Lauren has become one of Nashville’s most respected voices since arriving from her home state of Georgia half a decade ago with Husband and creative partner Jason.
We are thrilled to be joined by Lauren, for a great fun chat that touches on a variety of subjects. Among them, the breakthrough moment when moving to Nashville became destiny, memories of her special Mother Viki Lynn, living abroad in London and memories of her (and ours!) favorite band: U2.
For more information on Lauren Morrow including future tour dates, store, videos and more:

Singer/Songwriter Callie McCullough

Nashville-based, Ontario-born Callie McCullough, a shining singer-songwriter inspired by timeless bluegrass and old-school country music joins the show.

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of her After Midnight EP , Callie recently released the music video for “No Good Way.” filmed in a church turned live music venue called Revival House that created a spectacular video capturing the song’s essence and Callie’s vocals with precision and beauty.
We welcome this wonderful artist, with a sound anchored by intimate ballads and soaring vocals, whose Alison Krauss-worthy tone and Dolly Parton-sized beauty stand in contrast to her dry humor and larger-than-life personality.

Singer/Songwriter: Annie Keating

Proud to welcome one of America’s singer/songwriting treasures, Brooklyn based Annie Keating to the show.

About to release her eight full length album on June 4th, the masterful Bristol County Tides, Annie shares with us the story of her most accomplished, inspired and ambitious album to date. Produced by Teddy Kumpel, it’s a pandemic album of transformation that feels both universal and deeply personal, a perfect album as the world opens back up from the fear of 2020.

Join us, as Annie walks us through the all star band involved in the project, the songs and what she missed the most of performing live.

For more on Annie Keating, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Langhorne Slim

With a talent for wordplay that can be both inspirational, emotional and cathartic at the same time, Sean Scolnick , better known by his artistic moniker Langhorne Slim is an American Treasure.
Beloved by audiences around the world, and one of Nashville’s treasured residents Langhorne released what can only be described as a masterpiece in January 2021 with the astonishing ‘Strawberry Mansion’. The album, an instant critical and fan favorite includes instant classics such as ‘Mighty Soul’, ‘Morning Prayer’ and more.
We welcome Sean for a wonderful conversation about self imposed pressure, the pre-show rituals, New Year’s Eve musical traditions and much more.
For more on Langhorne Slim, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Maddox Jones

UK hitmaker,  singer/songwriter, and friend of the show Maddox Jones returns to the Jrodconcerts Podcast.

Maddox recently released the latest in a long list of hit singles, the uplifting ‘I Can’t Wait For The Summer’, an anthem about escaping the trials and tribulations of the past year stuck in the isolating pandemic and focus in on carefree summer days once again.
Maddox  is already on his way to becoming a household name having already received praise from the likes of SPINAmerican SongwriterBBCRecord Of The Day and iHeart Radio with his EP climbing its way to #4 on the iTunes UK Singer/songwriter chart and the title track rising to number 11 in the Music Week commercial pop club charts.
Always a joy to chat with Maddox, and stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘I Can’t Wait For The Summer’

Alternative/ Rock band: Lizzie & The Makers

Roaring NYC Alternative Rockers Lizzie & The Makers join the show.
Led by spellbinding vocalist Lizzie Edwards and Guitarist Greg McMullen, the band has crafted a unique rock sound that blends art-rock, dream-pop and solid alternative rock in a way that has raised comparisons to such luminaries like Memphis soul legend Ann Peebles and Heart’s Ann Wilson.
Keep an eye for their their second LP (Coming soon) produced by Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, Tin Machine) and Grammy winner Mario McNulty (David Bowie, Prince), and recorded at Mission Sound Recording in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
For more on Lizzie & The Makers, visit

Singer/Songwriter: Aric Damm

Aric Damm, front-man for Alt-Rock hit makers ‘The Brevet’ and solo project ‘California Gold’ returns to the show for the first time since June 2020!
Thematically, lyrically and vocally, both new songs ‘Heartbeat’ for California Gold and ‘Sunshine’ for The Brevet are far from subtle. Aric’s soulful vocals are both beautiful and heartbreaking packing enough of a visceral punch to captivate every listener.
We welcome Aric for an in-depth chat on the soulful evolution of 2020, inspiration from America’s natural parks, & more.
And stay tuned for an exclusive performance of the new single ‘Heartbeat’.

For more follow The Brevet and California Gld on Instagram: @thebrevet and California Gold: @californiagold_music


Singer/Songwriter Cassadee Pope

Friend of the show, GRAMMY-nominated, Platinum-certified singer Cassadee Pope () returns to the show for the first time since August 2020.
Her explosive new single ‘What The Stars See’ (Out Now) sees Cassadee blending her two musical worlds: pop-punk where her career began, and Country music that has always felt like home to her.
The music video, directed by Ed Pryor and Executive Produced by Wes Edwards, is a colorful take on the voyeuristic sensibilities of famed sci-fi action film, Blade Runner, and includes special appearances by both of the track’s featured artists, Karen Fairchild and Lindsay Ell. The visually captivating video is available everywhere now.
We welcome back Cassadee for a chat on the new song, fashion and we even play ‘Flip The Tune’ where Cassadee tries to recognize her own songs, in reverse!
For more on Cassadee Pope, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Nolan Taylor

With a timeless voice reminiscent of Van Morrison and Tim Buckley, Nolan Taylor is an artist on the rise.
Add graceful, genuine songs about heartbreak, vulnerability, and hope and it’s no wonder that the likes of Morgan Wade and others have pegged their support of this Cincinnati-based Singer-Songwriter.
We welcome Nolan to the show, who shares his voyage, artistic process & lots more. Also, stay tuned for an exclusive performance of his upcoming song ‘Dead Roses’
For more on Nolan Taylor, visit:

Music Industry Icons: Susan Nadler and Evelyn Shriver

Pleased to welcome two, music industry trailblazers and Nashville icons to the show: Susan Nadler and Evelyn Shriver.

The first women ever to helm a major Nashville record label (Asylum Records) Susan and Evelyn broke ground for Women in the music business like it had never been done before. Along the way they catapulted the careers of legendary artists like Randy Travis and Tammy Wynette, smoked weed with Willie Nelson, were named honorary pallbearers at George Jones’ funeral, one got arrested in Mexico while the other went roller skating with Cher, and both largely ignored the advice of every one of their male counterparts that came before.

Now, Evelyn and Susan are hosting a very popular podcast called ‘Shady Ladies of Music City’, where they share unique stories of their career, along with humor, music and more.

Join us to hear the unique story of how they met, what makes a talent stand out in the ultra competitive Nashville scene, the patterns of success and lots more.

Visit to subscribe and learn more.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2021 Announcement

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame reveals its 2021 Inductees, celebrating the most diverse list of Inductees in the history of the organization.  We are joined by Jason Hanley of the Rock & Rall Hall of Fame to Analyze the inductees. They are:

Performer Category:⁣

Tina Turner⁣
Carole King⁣
The Go-Go’s⁣
Foo Fighters⁣
Todd Rundgren⁣

Early Influence Award:⁣

Charley Patton⁣
Gil Scott-Heron⁣

Musical Excellence Award:⁣

LL Cool J⁣
Billy Preston⁣
Randy Rhoads⁣

Ahmet Ertegun Award:⁣

Clarence Avant


Singer/Songwriter: Erin Rae

On this special episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Erin Rae, a leading voice in today’s Indie music scene, and one of the most impactful and admired vocalists in a long time.
Raised in Jackson, Tennessee, Erin grew up in a world surrounded by music and songwriting— first with her parents who were performers in their own right and then playing gigs of her own as a teenager after moving to Nashville.
Join us to learn about this once-in-a-generation musical soul, including a Mother’s Day tribute, the return of live music, getting a guitar at 16 years old, and much more. For more on Erin Rae:

Singer/Songwriter: Olivia Ellen Lloyd

Fashioning her vintage sensibilities and spirited persona into a winning combination, it’s no wonder Olivia Ellen Lloyd has the music world buzzing.

Her debut album Loose Cannon has drawn comparisons to John Prine (RollingStone Country) and the single of the same name spent three weeks on Gimme Country’s Top Five, and has been streamed over 100,000 times on Apple Music.

We welcome Olivia for an in-depth conversation that not only touches on the music but also her upbringing and incredible stories of her journeys, including a life-changing trip to Guatemala. To find out more about the organization ‘United for A Better Life’ and learn ways you can change lives, visit the organization’s website:

For more on Olivia Ellen Lloyd including upcoming tour dates, visit


Singer/Songwriter: Kris Angelis

We welcome back Singer/Songwriter Kris Angelis to the show! (First time since November 2020)
Her brand new album ‘The Skies We Look To’, out since April 30th, hit #1 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and has made a powerful impression on major playlists including ‘Indigo’ on Spotify and ‘New Nashville’.
Kris was also just announced the day of this taing (5/3/21) as the winner of the ISC International Songwriting Competition 2020 for her gorgeous song ‘My Quiet’ which she performed during her first visit to our show.
Join us to hear what Kris has been up to, including the story of the new songs, filming a music video in the cold and an exclusive performance of the hit single ‘I’d Give Anything’.
To get your own copy, visit

Folk-Pop Group: Ryanhood

Cameron Hood and Ryan David Green, better known as critically acclaimed musical duo Ryanhood join the show.
Named “Best Group/Duo” in the 2014 International Acoustic Music Awards, the musical duo got their first break more than a decade ago as street-performers at Boston’s Quincy Market.
Since then, they have performed more than a thousand shows and shared the stages with contemporaries like Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, Train, and many more. Join us as Cameron and Ryan walk us through the making of their outstanding new album ‘Under The Leaves’ OUT NOW, their high school days, touring and much more. And stay tuned for an exclusive performance that will leave you breathless.
For more on Ryanhood, visit:
For more on Mackenzie Shiver, visit:

Composer/Singer/Songwriter Mackenzie Shivers

With a unique combination of powerful vocals, svelte production, and stunning songwriting, Mackenzie Shivers is an American artistic treasure.
Her third full album ‘Rejection Letter’ Out NOW, finds the Florida-born/New York-based composer, singer, and songwriter at her creative best with an album born out of 2020 with universal themes of breakthrough, perseverance, and gratitude.
We welcome Mackensie to the show, for a special conversation on her artistic voyage, creative process, and the story of an album that will have the world talking in 2021.
For more on Mackenzie Shiver, visit:

Music Publicist/Musician: Maggie Poulos

With over 17 years of experience within the music industry, Maggie Poulos currently helms Mixtape Media– a boutique public relations firm specializing in music and entertainment.
We welcome Maggie, a respected and admired voice in the industry as our first PR guest. Her track record speaks for itself, working with iconic clients like Robert Plant, Allison Krauss, Fitz & The Tantrums, and more.
Join us to hear Maggie’s insightful thoughts on everything going on in the industry including the challenges of 2020 in the music industry, the streaming era, the iconic rock period of early 2000’s New York, and lots more.

Singer/Songwriter Lisa De Angelis

Irresistibly infectious Americana Singer/Songwriter Lisa De Angelis joins the show.
Hailing from Australia, Lisa has been hailed as ‘a rising alt-country star’ and with good reason. Her personal and eccentric Americana anthems that initially appear ­personal, prove on repeated ­listening to be universal anthems that cross international borders.
A graduate from the Country Music Association of Australia’s prestigious Academy of Country Music, Lisa shares with Jamie her unique and colorful voyage. One that has taken her from Sydney’s Southwest to Arkanas, to Belgium and everywhere in between. Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Wander Home’.
For more on Lisa De Angelis, including news on her upcoming debut album, visit:

Alt-Pop/Rock Band: January Jane

We welcome neon-drenched ’80s-influenced pop/rock trio January Jane to the show.
With a horde of loyal fans, including legendary musicologist Matt Pinfield  among them, January Jane has established themselves as a band to watch as the stages around the world open back up.
We welcome lead vocalist Pat Via and lead guitarist Mitch Mitchell who share the unique voyage of the band, how 2020 changed them, the role of legendary Larry Willis (Miles Davis) in the band and an exclusive performance of ‘Versions of You’.
For more on January Jane, including future tour dates, fan-club information and other goodies, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Claudia Hoyser

A prolific singer/songwriter carving her own path, Claudia Hoyser joins Jamie on the show.
With a fueled passion for connecting through music, Claudia has written over 200 songs.  This, in addition to her plethora of activities, including hosting the weekly online show ‘Hoyser Country Mondays’ which has become a huge success garnering over 105 million organic streams.
As she prepares to release her upcoming album ‘Red Light’s Turning Green’, she shares with Jamie how her musical spirit blossomed, the story behind her coffee line ‘Hoyser Country Blend’ (Available online) & lots more.
Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of the title track of her upcoming album, and for more on Claudia Hoyser, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Morgan Wade

We welcome Morgan Wade, one of the hottest musical poets to emerge in quite some time.

Morgan is a rocker; a country troubadour and a chanting musical soul. With the primacy of her speedy strings of real-life images, Morgan has quickly established herself as an artist on the rise, and her debut album ‘Reckless’ is an early candidate for Album of The Year.
Morgan’s “singing” voice has an eerie allure and her “tunes” conform dimly to the primitive patterns of Fifties rock. In fact, ‘blink and your miss’ musical brushes of everything from Neil Young to Linda Ronstadt pass by the listener through the journey of her 10 song masterpiece, Produced by Sadler Vaden.
Join us to hear Morgan talk about the concept of fame, being an old soul, her music and she pays tribute to her late dog ‘Gordy’ . The latter she is spearheading a campaign to build a dog park in his honor and YOU can help! Visit and donate whatever you can, in honor of Gordy and animal love everywhere.
For more on Morgan Wade visit:

Singer/Songwriter Hadley Kennary

We welcome Hadley Kennary, one of the most promising voices in the pop and Alternative scene to the show.
With a song completely her own, Hadley has independently released two EP’s and a string of singles, on top of her involvement in several artists’ projects in the New Nashville community.
Her latest single ‘Orbit’ has been a mainstay on Alternative radio, including top placement on Nashville’s Lightning 100 station, in addition to the chart-topper ‘The Hardest Part’ released in early 2021 with friend of the show Bre Kennedy.
Join us to learn the career genesis of this singer-songwriter you oughta know! And stay tuned for Hadley playing ‘Flip The Tune’ the game where guests hear their songs like never before.
For more on Hadley Kennary:

Singer/Songwriter Vanessa Peters

Texas-and-Italy-based Singer/Songwriter Vanessa Peters returns to the show for the first time since April 2020! With a brand new album ‘Modern Age’ out on April 23rd, Vanessa shares the journey of what is one of her most special albums yet, worked on in four different countries, and in pop-up studios before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us to hear what this critically acclaimed artist has been up to, and learn her thoughts on activism on social media, the dynamic of working creatively with her husband, and lots more.
Stay tuned as well for an exclusive performance of ‘Crazymaker’ the first single which it out now.
For more on Vanessa Peters, including pre-orders, fan club and tour dates, visit:

Singer/Songwriter Shannon McNally

There is no other way to say it: Shannon McNally’s new album, ‘The Waylon Sessions’ (Out May 28th) is an early front runner for the album of 2021.
The prolific Singer/Songwriters latest album, a unique spin, and tribute to Waylon Jennings reimagines the classics with McNally providing a completely new and original take on the songs we all love for a new generation of music fans.
Join us, as McNally provides a unique insight into the making of the album, as well as other topics including the era of promotion on Social Media, the unexpected creative blessings of 2020, the all-star band that helped bring this project to life lots more.
Make sure to pre-save The Waylon Jennings (Out May 28th) on your favorite streaming platforms and pre-order on:
First two singles: ‘Black Rose feat: Buddy Miller’ and ‘I Ain’t Living Long Like This feat: Rodney Crowell’ OUT Now’

Singer,Songwriter & Guitarist: Cy Winstanley

A multi-faceted and versatile artist, Cy Winstanley is one of the most special singers, songwriters, and guitarists in Nashville. Born in New Zealand, Cy is best known as the lead singer for award-winning band ‘Tattletale Saints’, where he has released several well-known albums including 2020’s ‘Dancing Under The Dogwoods’.

Cy is also a highly in-demand studio and live guitarist playing important roles with a variety of artists including Brandy Clarke, Aubrie Sellers, Andrew Combs, Rachel Baiman, Peter Bradley Adams, and many more. His newest solo project, ‘The Dumplings EP’ shows a mature yet playful artist, using guitar and songwriting to take listeners on a fun artistic journey.
We welcome this wonderful artist to the show and stay tuned for a great performance from his newest EP ‘The Dumplings EP’.
For more on Cy Winstanley:

Producer/Artist: Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller, also known by the artistic moniker  ‘Blue Room Movie Club’ joins Jamie on the show.

Jordan has crafted a completely unique sound, at different times an electronica outfit, indie brilliance; a delicate art-rock collective high on thin, bright, watery lines of melody; a surging wall of guitars and outstanding songwriting.
Join us, as Jordan shares with Jamie everything from his creative process, to his artistic process, the influences of Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned at the end for a phenomenal two-song set which includes the songs  ‘Another Night at The Cafe’ and ‘My Boy’
For more on Jordan Miller follow him on Instagram @jordancashmiller and @blueroommovieclub

Singer/Songwriter: Mary Sarah

A Country music powerhouse, singer/songwriter Mary Sarah joins Jamie on the show.

An accomplished and respected artist, Mary rose to fame after a top-5 finish on NBC’s The Voice, but the imprints she has left on country music run long and deep, having established herself as a Nashville icon from a young age.
Her career journey has included being a  lead vocalist and dancer in Kidz Bop tour at age 12, performing in the Grand Ole Opry 5 times (and counting!), and recording several albums including ‘Bridges’ which includes the likes of Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.
But her newest title is the most important of all having recently given birth and becoming a Mom.
Join us for this very special chat with Mary Sarah, to find out about this unique artist and human, crafting an unforgettable space in Nashville and beyond.
For more on Mary Sarah, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: Juliana Hatfield

Prolific female rocker and a pioneer in alternative rock, Juliana Hatfield joins Jamie on the show.
Formerly of the indie rock bands Blake Babies, Some Girls, and The Lemonheads, Juliana also fronted her own band, The Juliana Hatfield Three. During her career, she has left a timeless mark in heavy, rocking tunes and songs written in a gentler, more melodic or folk-oriented style inspiring generations of female rockers since.
Juliana is celebrating her brand new album, ‘Blood’ out on May 14th of which the first new single ‘Mouthful of Blood’ is out now.
Join us as Juliana shares her unique perspective on everything from the social media generation to the streaming era and the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic.
For more in Juliana Hatfield, including pre-order,s signed copies, VIP bundles, and more visit

Pop Artist: Alex Shera

L.A.-based multi-dimensional pop artist Alex Shera joins Jamie on the show. Born in San Diego, Alex has a plethora of artistic talents that has brought him to a period of musical renaissance, having released the hit singles ‘Blue Nights’ , ‘Fire’ and ‘Wish I Never’ in the past year alone.
Join us to learn the unique and trailblazing career arc of this fascinating artist, from his work at the top of celebrity styling, to learning from renowned Alex Malka and all in between.

For more on Alex Shera, follow him on Instagram: @alexshera


Singer and Entrepreneur: Niki Tonik

A unique musical, artistic and human soul, Soul-pop/R&B artist Niki Tonik joins Jamie on the show. Nikki’s newest single “Equinox,” a duet with TMGMusicha is out now and arrived in line with the spring equinox.
The song, much like Nikki’s recently-released album, Write On Time (October 2020) is an exercise in dream rock, mediation and deep songwriting. Watch to learn the story of this unique trailblazing talent and entrepreneur, who in addition to music, also practices Taoist Tonic Herbalism, a career that has inspired her name as well as her sound.
Follow Niki Tonik on Instagram: @nikitonik

Singer/Songwriter: Savannah Keyes

With powerful vocals and inspired songwriting, Jamie welcomes  Nashville-based shining talent, Savannah Keys to the show.
Savannah, who was born and raised in Sandy Utah, was featured at 13 years old in ‘Ellen’ and was her story was recently showcased on the hit CNBC show “Streets of Dreams” where she told the story of her hit single ‘Superman’ as well as the challenge of succeeding in Nashville.
Savannah’s new single ‘Worry About’ is out now, available on all major streaming platforms, and don’t miss a spellbinding performance of ‘Superman’ at the end of the interview.
For more on Savannah Keys, visit:

Singer/Songwriter John Smith

A masterful storyteller, singer, and songwriter, John Smith joins Jamie to celebrate the release of his brand new album ‘The Fray’.
An album steeped in resilience, overcoming obstacles, and never giving up, ‘The Fray’ sees Smith touching down not only on his own emotional turmoil experienced over the past year but also of those around him.

With an all-star cast of guests including Grammy nominee Sarah Jarosz, Courtney Hartman, and more, this is an album that has critics and audience buzzing, as an early 2021 masterpiece.

Join us to learn the inside story of the album, what 2020 was like for John, his thoughts on the streaming era, and lots more.
For more on John Smith, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Katie Frank

In the midst of her first new music in 3 years, Jamie welcomes one of Americana-Rock’s ‘buzziest’ artists: Katie Frank.

With passionate songwriting from the soul and rocking’ energy reminiscent of mid 90’s female powerhouses like Kate Bush and Courtney Love, Katie’s songs are sure to strike a chord with listeners worldwide.

Join us as Katie shares her journey from Philadelphia to Nashville, her upcoming album ”Small Town Mind’, the new single ‘Politician’ and lots more.

And stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Dark Cloud’, the newest upcoming single.

For more on Katie Frank:


Singer & Actress: Nina Herzog

A generational talent, Jamie is pleased to welcome Nina Herzog to the show.

Better known as the speaking voice of Odette, The Swan Princess, in Sony Animation’s “The Swan Princess” series, Nina has just released her debut EP ‘Together Away’.

The EP,  a breathtaking 6 song piece, full of touching melodies and honest emotions is a journey that explores the landscape of unconditional love and profound loss with an open heart. Join us to learn the career genesis of Nina Herzog, from her earliest memories singing as a child, to performing with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington D.C and lots more. Stay tuned for a gorgeous rendition of ‘Least Resistance from the brand new EP: Together Away. Available NOW.


Singer/Songwriter: Jack Harris

A rising talent with an irresistible combination of soaring vocals and pristine storytelling, we welcome Jack Harris to the show.

Born in upstate New York and based in Ohio, Harris has created a sound completely his own, inspired by musical influences as timeless as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

The past few years have seen Harris release a batch of new music that has caught the ears of critics and fans alike, with a variety of catchy and irresistible singles including ‘Be My Air’, ‘Take My Hand’, and ‘For The Night’ featuring Siena Bella.

Join us to learn the journey of this artist you have to know, from his early years in Ohio to the creative process that fuels him among other topics.

For more information, including future tour dates and more, visit:


Musician/Entrepreneur Ari Herstand

Described by Forbes as “the poster child of DIY music” Jamie welcomes Ari Herstand, one of the most influential young entrepreneurs in the music business today.

A musician himself Ari is also a best-selling author, educator, advocate, and authority on how to succeed as an independent musician in today’s ever-changing music business world.
Join us, as the unique and trailblazing Herstand shares with Jamie the secret to his productivity, his mission to empower artists and the creative process behind his new songs.
For more information on Ari, visit:

Singer/Songwriter: David Cook

The Winner of American Idol season 7, Nashville-based Singer/Songwriter David Cook joins Jamie on the show.

A versatile and mega-talented musician, David is gearing up for the release of his new EP ‘The Looking Glass’ out on April 16th which features the singles ‘Reds Turn Blue’ and ‘Strange World’ both already garnering critical and public acclaim.
Join us as David shares the stories behind the new music, as well as his time on Broadway playing the iconic Charlie Price on KINKY BOOTS and his deep involvement with the National Brain Tumor Society among many other great anecdotes.
For more on David Cook, including future tour dates and fan club, visit:

Country Rock Group: Raquel & The Wildflowers

An exciting emerging country-rock band, Jamie is joined by ‘Raquel & The Wildflowers’, part of the tantalizing New York country music scene.

With a stage presence and sound captivating fans all over the country, the quintet has been gaining significant airplay at a multitude of national stations, including iHeart Radio KISS FM, NY 94.7 Country FM, and more.

The band is also gearing up for a busy year ahead, slated to perform in major festivals (COVID-19 permitting) including Country Fest 2021 with headlining artists Kane Brown, Dierks Bentley, and Thomas Rhett.

Join us to hear the inside story of the genesis of the band, from the members themselves: Raquel de Souza (Lead Singer), Luis Cruz (Guitars/Backing Vocals), Cat Lines (Fiddle/Vocals), Tommy Carlucci (Drums) and Steve Riccio (Guitars).

Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of their hit single ‘Room 15’ and for tour dates and more information:


Singer/Songwriter: Maggie Rose

One of the most beloved voices in American music today, Jamie is pleased to welcome Maggie Rose to the show.

Hailing from Maryland and now firmly established in Music City: Nashville TN, Maggie is celebrating the upcoming release of her third full length Album ‘Have a Seat’ which arrives on Friday August 20th.

The album was produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes at the iconic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and sees Maggie expanding her sound in exciting new directions along with her trademark songwriting quality.

Join us to hear stories of Maggie visiting our U.S troops in the Middle East, her special relationship with ‘Them Vibes’ , Carole King covers and much more


Singer/Songwriter: Pearl Charles

A whimsical and trailblazing talent, Jamie welcomes Pearl Charles to the show.
With one of 2021’s hottest albums, the unparalleled ‘Magic Mirror’, Pearl has firmly established herself as an artist at the cutting edge of music, with a sound completely her own.
Join us to hear about Pearl’s genesis as an artist, her passion of acting, her first rock bands, and a serendipitous incident with pot that changed her creative life forever.
Be sure to check out the wonderful ‘Magic Mirror’ out now and for more on Pearl Charles including future tour dates: Instagram @pearlcharles

Singer/Songwriter: Juanita Stein

Prolific singer/songwriter, Indie icon, and now radio host Juanita Stein join Jamie on the show.
Better known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in Indie Rock band Howling Bells, Juanita released one of 2020’s best albums’ her third solo project ‘Snapshot’ which deals with resilience, turning obstacles into light, and other powerful themes.
Join us for this special episode that touches on everything from paying homage to the late Australian music figure Michael Gudinski, to the art of songwriting, driving, and much more.
For more on Juanita Stein, including her 2021 dates and much more:

Electronic-Indie Duo: DECOUPLR

Bailey Walker and Adam Laub, better known as Philadelphia-based electronic duo DECOUPLR join Jamie on the show.
Having released their critically lauded debut full-length album DIGITAL BONFIRE on February 19 the band shares the story of the project and how it came to be during COVID-19.
Influenced by musicians like Trent Reznor, Sylvan Esso, and Flying Lotus, the album ranges from dreamy and sweet to punchy and playful and became of the staple electronic albums of the past year.
Stay tuned for many great stories including how Bailey and Adam met, their individual artistic paths, and more. And keep an eye for an EPIC 7 minute performance medley of the hit songs: Keepsake, Cold Sweat, and Changes.

Singer/Songwriter: Liz Longley

With a ‘Once in a Generation’ voice, Liz Longley has earned a sterling reputation as one of Nashville’s most special Singer/Songwriters.

The Berklee College of Music grad recently released her sixth studio album ‘Funeral For My Past’ which was lauded by everyone from Forbes: “stunning new album” to Billboard “gospel-flavored soul to shimmering pop anthems” and includes instant classics like ‘My Muse’ and ‘Feel It All Over’.

We welcome Liz for a fantastic chat that goes through her songwriting journey, relationship with her fans, making history through Kickstarter and much more.

For more on Liz Longley: 


Singer/Songwriter: Cristina Vane

A groundbreaking talent, Jamie is pleased to welcome Nashville-based Singer/Songwriter Cristina Vane to the show.

With a blend of folk, country, and delta blues, Cristina has taken her unique Italian and Central American heritage and combined it with the gospel of music in ways that have not been heard or explored before.

From a unique upbringing to soul-strengthening travels and stories in Venice Beach, California, and beyond, Cristina is readying her trailblazing new album ‘Nowhere Sounds Lovely’ out on April 2nd.

Join us for this wonderful episode, where Cristina shares her unique journey in detail. Growing up in Europe, summers in New York, the Venice Beach era, and lots more.

For more on Cristina Vane, visit, and check out her album ‘Nowhere Sounds Lovely’ on April 2nd.


Composer, Pianist, and Singer: Adam Chester

With a special zest for life, undeniable charisma, and a plethora of talent, Adam Chester is a musical trailblazer.

With a career that has spawned decades, Adam is a mainstay in Southern California and since 2005, he’s earned the title of the “Surrogate Elton John”.

This by working exclusively with Sir Elton and his band as Elton’s only “stand-in” on the piano and vocals for various rehearsals, sound checks, and concert appearances.

Adam is also the author of, “S’Mother”, a book about inappropriate letters he received from his mother over the past 30 years which is available now wherever books are sold.

Jamie is pleased to welcome Adam for a special conversation that touches on everything from his start in Miami Beach Senior High, to performing at Madison Square Garden with Elton John and more.

Stay tuned as well, for a spine-chilling musical performance from Adam.

For more on Adam Chester:


Singer/Songwriter: Devan

Toronto-born London/raised singer/Songwriter Devan joins Jamie on the show to celebrate her highly anticipated solo debut EP ‘Pink Noise’, out February 26.

With musical influences as varied as Stevie Nicks, James Taylor, and Florence + The Machine, this EP has been a long time coming for the friend of the show, whose voice has been characterized as ‘mesmerizing’ (Wonderland) and ‘spellbinding’ (Earmilk) among other superlatives.

Check out ‘Pink Noise’ OUT on February 26th, and for more on Devan, visit


Singer/Songwriter: Bre Kennedy

With soaring vocals, powerful stage presence, and unmistakable depth, Bre Kennedy has become one of Nashville’s most in-demand artists.

Fresh of the release of her latest single ‘The Hardest Part’ with Hadley Kennary and part of Dylan Rockoff’s ‘Problems’, Bre joins Jamie on the show for a special episode.

Join us to learn about her journey from Salt Lake City to Nashville (Via Los Angeles), her music, expectations in a COVID world and she even plays ‘Flip The Tune’ as well.

For more on Bre Kennedy including future tour dates, news, and more:


Alt-Rock Band: Strawberry Launch

Bringing you ‘fruity tunes and sweet melodies’ Jamie welcomes an exciting fun and mega-talented band out of Brooklyn: Strawberry Launch!
A combination of 5 great talents: Regan McCroskey (Vocals), Matrianna Gahol (Guitar), Benjy Berkowitz (Drums). Abby Flicker (Bass) and Taylor Hurt (Keyboard), the band has crafted a unique sound that has built a solid following and critical acclaim.
 For more on Strawberry Launch:

Musical Group: The Arcadian Wild

Led by songwriters Isaac Horn (guitar), Lincoln Mick (mandolin), and the support of other gifted musicians, The Arcadian Wild has quickly established themselves as trailblazers and musical critical favorites.

With a completely unique and original sound, the band just released an instant classic EP titled ‘Principium’ which is a four-song musical and cinematic short film project that is as mesmerizing as it is unique.

Join us, as Isaac and Lincoln sit with Jamie to share their unique story, influences, anecdotes, and play ‘Flip The Tune’.

For more on The Arcadian Wild:


Singer/Songwriter: Connor Leimer

Thrilled to welcome Nashville based (via Kansas City) Singer/Songwriter Connor Leimer to the show.

Connor, has gone in a few short years from limitless potential to making waves in the music world, now collaborating with such talents as Grammy® award-winning Producer Matt Rollings and Grammy ® award-winning mixer Michael H. Brauer.

In the middle of a creative explosion, Connor has released in 2021 alone three hit singles: ‘Cheap’, ‘Lonely Life’, and ‘Things I Never Do’, the latter of which he performs exclusively for our show.

For more on Connor Leimer, visit:


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2021 With Jason Hanley

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announced this week the Nominees for 2021 Induction.

We sat down with our friend of the show Jason Hanley  (VP education And Visitor Engagement) to chat about the nomination process, the nominees, and lots more.

Inductees will be announced in May 2021. Fans can cast their votes at through April 30th.


Editor/Poet/Essayist: Leslie LaChance

Thrilled to be joined by a Nashville cultural pillar: Leslie LaChance

A ray of creative sunshine radiating from East Nashville, Leslie is a renowned poet, essayist, and editor whose work has been featured in a plethora of publications including: The East Nashvillian, Tennessee Home & Farm, The Birmingham Poetry Review and The Greensboro Review to name a select few.

Leslie was also the editor for the memoir written by friend of the show Seth Walker (Episode #110) ‘Your Van is on Fire’ available now on

We hope you enjoy this very insightful episode that touches on a variety of insightful topics, such as: elder wisdom, what makes Nashville special for creatives, and lots more.

For more information on the wonderful Leslie LaChance:


Singer/Songwriter: Allison Mahal

With an unapologetically in-your-face style of alt-pop that is strong and stylish, Allison Mahal has slowly but surely been leaving her imprints over Nashville.

Her latest EP ‘Me Now’ is charged with unique smoky mid-range vocals and catchy songs that will make you an instant fan.
Join us as Allison shares with Jamie her artistic and musical path and make sure to stream her latest EP ‘Me Now’ out now.

For more on Allison Mahal visit:


Singer/Songwriter Luke Bentham (The Dirty Nil)

Luke Bentham, frontman and guitarist for Canadian Alt-Rockers ‘The Dirty Nil’ joins Jamie on the show!

Fresh of the release of the band’s critically acclaimed album ‘F*ck Art’ Luke shares with Jamie the inside stories behind the new songs, how the video for Blunt Force Concussion led to an allergy attack, the band’s first-ever practices and lots more.

Make sure to check out ‘F*ck Art’ the brand new album from The Dirty Nil, and for more information on the band, including future tour dates, fan club and more, visit:


Musical Group: Track45

Sibling trio Jenna, Ben and KK Johnson, better known as ‘Track45’ one of Nashville’s most exciting and buzziest bands, join Jamie on the show.
Hailing from Meridian, MS the trio have quickly set themselves apart with a powerful punch of crystalline melodies, universal themes and incredible artistic talent.
Join us to hear this up and coming stars like you’ve never heard them before. The in-depth conversation dives on a plethora of topics including, their focus from a young age, what it was like to sign their record deal during a pandemic and LOTS more. The band also gives us a wonderful performance of their hit single ‘Meet Me Now’.
For more on Track45, including fan club, future tour dates and lots more, visit:

Singer/Songwriter JJ Wilde

A fireball of a singer/songwriter, Jamie is joined by Ontario’s own JJ Wilde who’s been scorching the charts with her rousing ‘in your face’ Rock N’ Roll.
With relentless focus, perseverance, and talent, Wilde reached new highs in 2020 with a string of hits that topped the rock charts including ‘Mercy’, ‘Best Boy’ and ‘The Rush’ from her critically acclaimed album ‘Ruthless’.
We welcome JJ for a profound and in-depth conversation that touches on everything from the value of perseverance, hearing your songs in public, and lots more. This is one of the treasured rock acts of today like you’ve never heard her before!
For more on JJ Wilde including future tour dates and more:

Pop/Rock Group: Smith And Thell

Friends of the show ‘Smith & Thell’ return to the show for the first time since summer 2020!

With a brand new album ‘Pixie’s Parasol’ coming out on February 5th, 2021,  Victor Thell and Maria Jane Smith join Jamie to discuss the new songs, the creative process behind them, and lots of other topics.

The Swedish hit-makers also play ‘Flip The Tune’ our newest game to try and identify their own songs in reverse!

Make sure to check out ‘Pixie’s Parasol’ Vol.1 out February 5th, and for more follow the band on Instagram: @smithandthell


Singer/Songwriter: Ronnie Watts

With soaring vocal power and intimate heartfelt songwriting, Ronnie Watts is slowly but surely asserting herself as a force to be reckoned with in the Alt-Pop universe.

Ronnie’s newest single, the dance infused anthem ‘Wake Up’ in collaboration with Jorlov has been steadily climbing the charts, and follows the 2020 smash singles ‘Famous in California’ and ‘Sad Summer’, the latter currently charting on satellite radio.

We welcome Ronnie for an in-depth conversation on her background, influences, songwriting and she plays ‘Flip The Tune’ with Jamie, a game about identifying her own songs in reverse.

For more on this breakthrough talent, follow her on instagram: @ronniesings


Hip-Hop Artist, Painter & Model: Racquel Jones

Racquel Jones, the impactful rapper, singer, painter, model, and poet joins Jamie on the show.
Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Jones has been touring the world alongside Thievery Corporation before the pandemic and is now releasing her new ‘awe-inspiring’ solo material.

Her latest single ‘Sacrilege’ is a tour-de-force of a song, brilliantly captured on video by Director Alex Di Marco (Khalid, Wiz Khalifa) with a frenetic and ruthless video that has made an impact for its strong visual imagery.

Join us as the unique Jones, shares with Jamie what success ultimately means to her, her artistic values, and the controversy behind her latest video.

For more on Racquel Jones, follow her on Instagram @racqueljones


Singer/Songwriter Sammy Rae

The frontwoman for a ‘Carnival’ of a band: Sammy Rae & The Friends, Jamie welcomes a unique and trailblazing talent to the show: Samantha Bowers. (aka Sammy Rae)

Fresh of the release of the band’s newest EP ‘Let’s Throw a Party’  (Out January 22nd) Sammy sits down for an intimate chat about her career journey, from the beginnings in Derby, Connecticut to the biggest festival stages in the world.

Stay tuned for fascinating anecdotes that include Sammy’s pre-show rituals, the perseverance and focus during the hear early career and Sammy plays our new game ‘Flip The Tune’ where she tries to identify her songs in reverse.

For more on Sammy Rae & The Friends:


Singer/Songwriter: Deborah Parlor

A nascent star, we welcome Dutch Americana and Rock Singer/Songwriter Deborah Parlor to the show.
With a voice that has been described as a modern Emmylou Harris, and a grit reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, Deborah is preparing her debut EP to come out later in 2021. Her first single ‘Closing Time’ was recently released and has been an instant smash hit.
An honest songwriter with a rebel heart, expect to hear a lot more from this incredible artist, who is just beginning what feels like an inevitable journey to big things in the music world.
Join us to hear the in-depth story of Deborah, in her own words and stay tuned for the world premiere of a new song ‘Dust’ from her forthcoming EP.
For more on Deborah Parlor, including future Tour Dates, fan club and more:

Singer/Songwriter Flo Olavarria

Rising Country-Pop singer/songwriter Flo Olavarria joins Jamie on the show.

The Miami native has been busy getting her debut EP ready to go out (Produced by Noah Henson) while the first single ‘Talking to Myself’ has been an instant smash- hit, even mentioned by RollingStone magazine as a ‘pick of the week’ back in 2020.

Listen as Flo shares with Jamie everything from her multicultural upbringing, performing live with David Foster and lots more.

Stay tuned for the world premiere of one of her new singles ‘Homesick’, at the end of the episode!

For more on Flo, visit:


Musician Jeff Pilson (Foreigner)

Jeff Pilson, musician and bass player for classic Rock band Foreigner,  joins Jamie on the show.

One of the most successful bands of all time, Foreigner has sold over 80 million records worldwide and has 14 top 20 hits in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including the number-one song “I Want to Know What Love Is” and the number-two “Waiting for a Girl Like You”, which spent a record-setting 10 weeks at the number 2 position of the chart.

Listen in, as Jeff shares with Jamie what the final shows were like before COVID-19, how family time has been an unplanned gift for him, and the band’s new initiative: raising money for the touring crew and their families.

Foreigner is selling unique items and memorabilia to support the stagehands and crew that have not worked since the pandemic started. Make sure to check out the items and help if you can at


Alternative Rock Band: Love Ghost

Finnegan Bell, lead singer, and guitarist for L.A. based hitmakers ‘Love Ghost’ joins Jamie on the show.

With a completely unique sound that blends contemporary trap and hip-hop into molten metal rock and roll, ‘Love Ghost’ has quickly become one of the hottest acts in Alternative Rock.
Join us, as Finnegan shares with Jamie the unique genesis of the band, a look back at a record-breaking 2020, their wide musical inspirations, and a lot more!

Make sure to check out the band’s latest single ‘Closure’ and for more on “Love Ghost’ including future tour dates, fan club, and merchandise, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Lizzie Weber

A masterful singer & songwriter, St. Louis, MO born and raised Lizzie Weber joins Jamie on a memorable episode of the show.

Celebrating the release of her breathtaking EP ‘How Does it Feel’ (Out January 22, 2021) as well as the accompanying Livestream show: ‘Lizzie Weber Live at The Chapel in St. Louis’ Lizzie shares the story of her artistic journey, shares memorable insight into her creative process and a lot more. Also, stay tuned for an exclusive performance of the title track!

For tickets to Lizzie’s Livestream show ($5, which go fully to the artist) visit Lizzie Weber on Instagram @Lizziewebermusic or paste the following link in your browser:


Singer/Songwriter: TEZZA

One of Nashville’s breakthrough artists, TEZZA joins Jamie on the show.

With a unique mixture of talent, charisma, and style, TEZZA has critics ‘buzzing’ and has built a loyal and ever-increasing national fan base.
Her 2020 single ‘Mercury Rising’ has over 2 million Spotify streams and has been featured on a variety of playlists, including Hot Country, New Boots, Wild Country, Next From Nashville, and Fresh Finds Country.

Watch and find out about TEZZA’s work ethic, focus, blazing style, and a lot more.
For more on TEZZA, follow her on Instagram @the.tezza


Alt-Rock Band: Hello Mary

Brooklyn Alternative Rock Power Trio, HELLO MARY joins Jamie on the show.

With stunning vocal harmonies, crunchy guitar chords, compelling bass lines, and powerful, driving drums HELLO MARY has alt-rock critics on notice since their debut ‘Ginger’ was released in 2020.

Watch as Guitarist/vocalist Helena Straight, bassist Mikaela Oppenheimer and drummer/vocalist Stella Branstool share with Jamie all about the genesis of their band, their musical influences and perform a brand new song ‘Spiral’ exclusively on the show.

For more on HELLO MARY follow them on Instagram @hellomaryband.


Singer/Songwriter: Brad Lee Curtis

One of Indie-rock’s most promising new talents, Nashville based Brad Lee Curtis joins Jamie on the show.

Fresh off the debut of his new single, ‘Surrender’ (Out NOW) Brad shares with Jamie the musical path that started in the Wisconsin rock scene, and has him as an artist to watch in ‘Music City’

Watch as Brad tells never before heard stories of his songwriting approach, the unique encounter he had with Dolly Parton, and the musical DNA that has critics pulling comparisons to Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty, to name a few.

For more in Brad Lee Curtis, stream ‘Surrender’ on all platforms and follow him on Instagram: @bradleecurtis


Singer/Songwriter: Seth Walker

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and author Seth Walker joins Jamie on the show.

Already a prolific artist, Seth is gearing up for the release of his first book ‘Your Van Is On Fire: The Miscellaneous Meanderings of a Musician.’ The book (Out January 21st) was edited by poet and essayist Leslie LaChance and is part memoir, part meditation, and part art gallery.

Join us for this fascinating chat where Seth talks about his unique early artistic childhood, his middle school hip-hop phase, and a lot more.

Stay tuned for an exclusive performance of one of Seth’s new songs, and to pre-order Seth’s new memoir, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Rod Abernethy

Starting off 2021 with one of North Carolina’s musical treasures: Rod Abernethy!

A major force in the ‘Tar Heel’ music scene for decades, Rod has recorded albums for Warner Bros, MCA, and Elektra Records through the years, and is gearing up for his new release ‘Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore’ due in February of this year.

Watch, as Rod walks Jamie through his spectacular songwriting, character creation, the unique art of composing music for video games and gives us a roaring rendition of ‘It’s Always Something’ from the forthcoming album.

For more on Rod Abernethy, including future tour dates, news, and a lot more: visit


Singer/Songwriter: Jonathan Roy

Canadian pop singer/songwriter, Jonathan Roy joins Jamie on the show.

A unique artist with a rare musical soul, Jonathan has captivated critics and fans alike for many years and is recently in the midst of a creative explosion. This, following a multi-year hiatus living along California’s Pacific Coast Highway that recharged his creativity and re-aligned his artistic purpose.

Join us as Jonathan shares the story of this trip, the story of his songwriting, and his unique approach to covering hit songs that has critics and fans raving about what’s next for him.

Check out Jonathan’s new single ‘Lost’ and for more about Jonathan Roy including future tour dates, store, news, and a lot more, visit:


Singer/Songwriter Jesse Lynn Madera

Jamie welcomes an American musical treasure to the show: Jesse Lynn Madera.

Join us for an in-depth discussion of a variety of topics, including Jessee Lynn’s songwriting process, the story of her 2020 critically acclaimed EP ‘Fortunes’, her new Christmas single, and memories of her first-ever show in New York City.

For more on Jessee Lynn Madera, including future tour dates, visit


Comedian/Actress/Host: Rachael O'Brien

A present for the holidays!⁣

Fan favorite and friend of the show Rachael O’Brien (@rachaelnobrien ) returns for the first time since May 2020!⁣

Join us as the hilarious and charming Rachael updates us on her latest endeavors, including the story and background of ‘Seven Deadly Sinners’ (@sevendeadlysinnerspodcast ) – her #1 True crime podcast that took off in 2020, what life is like in Palm Springs, and we tell her about our encounter with Janis Joplin among other topics.⁣

So many laughs with Rachael. Bring in some hot chocolate, holiday cookies (and a facemask!) for this wonderful Christmas episode.⁣

For more on Rachael O’Brien:


Female Country Group: The Highway Women

Pleased to welcome country music all-female supergroup making waves in the critics’ circle and beyond: The Highway Women.

Join us, as Kristen Kae, Bailey James and Jess Page join Jamie for an in-depth discussion that touches on everything from one of the members getting COVID-19, an unforgettable 2020 for the band, how they came together, and how their songwriting process comes about.

Don’t forget to stream their new hit single ‘The Highway’ that has critics and audiences alike buzzing. For more on The Highway Women, please visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Lissie

A fascinating and thought-provoking conversation with acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Elisabeth Maurus, better known as ‘Lissie’.

Join us to celebrate Lissie’s latest EP, ‘Thank You For The Flowers’ , a stunning collection of covers written by female artists like Sinead O’Connor and Lana Del Rey. In addition, the absorbing conversation touches on the impact of COVID-19 on the Holidays, what it’s meant for Lissie an artist, human, and to society as a whole.

For more on the wonderful and prolific ‘Lissie’, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: A Note Two Self

Mike Richards, better known by his moniker ‘A Note Two Self’ joins Jamie on the show.

Watch, as Mike shares his unique story, from Alexandria, VA to main stages around the U.S and into the release of his newest EP ‘XYP’ which includes ‘Love Drunk’ for which he also gives us a delightful performance.

With a guiding principle of “Bare bones music that speaks for itself”, Mike is someone to keep an eye on in 2021 and beyond. For more information, visit:


Indie Rock Band: High Waisted

Friends of the show Jessica Louise Dye and Jono Bernstein, better known as Indie Rock Band ‘High Waisted’ return to the show for the first time since May 2020!

Just in time for the holidays, join us as we catch up with our New York-based friends on what they have been up to since we last caught up with them. Hilarious anecdotes and stories include Jono’s new dog, Jessica’s home decorating skills, and favorite memories of December growing up as kids.

A memorable, hilarious, and warm episode with the uniquely talented and big-hearted ‘High Waisted’.

Don’t forget to check out their 2020 record ‘Sick of Saying Sorry’ and for more visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Marc Scibilia

Showing how to persevere through personal challenges, Buffalo-born Singer/Songwriter March Scibilia unleashed one of the best and most personal albums of 2020 with ‘Seed of Joy’.

Join us as Marc tells Jamie about the resiliency he’s built, his songwriting process, and the story of many of his hit-singles including and how they came to be.

For more on Marc Scibilia:


Episode 100: Singer Judy Blank

We celebrate a milestone: Our 100th episode!

In this unforgettable episode, our host, Jamie Rodriguez welcomes a very special trailblazing talent: Judy Blank.

In a still nascent career, Judy has already left a deep imprint in music, making history by becoming the first Dutch artist ever to play AmericanaFest and releasing critically and publicly lauded albums. Among them, the instant classic ‘Morning Sun’.

Join us for this special episode, as Judy shares a special bond with America, her unique songwriting process, and a detailed look at some of her albums.

For more on Judy Blank:


Entrepreneur & Author: Emily White

Jamie is joined by Entrepreneur, Author & Artist Manager: Emily White on this engaging episode.

Recently named into Billboard’s 2020 ‘Women in Music’ List, Emily has a wide list of accomplishments in her name, including #1 best-selling author, artist Manager, and founder of the record-breaking #iVoted music festival.

For more information on Emily’s book, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Jaime Wyatt

Jamie welcomes Nashville based country rocker Jaime Wyatt to the show.
With the fantastic Shooter Jennings produced  ‘Neon Cross’, Wyatt gave the world one of the year’s best albums of 2020. In it, she proves that challenges can be opportunities to overcome and create a better self.
Join us for a fantastic chat that includes the unique songwriting approach Wyatt has in her art, a detailed look at ‘Neon Cross’, and where we stand in the fight for Gay rights.
For more on Jaime Wyatt:

Singer/Songwriter: Alex McArtor

A sophisticated musical soul, Dallas born Singer/Songwriter Alex McArtor joins Jamie on the show.

With two EPs to date and racking up hundreds of thousands of streams (and counting), McArtor recently released her newest single, the critically acclaimed ‘Biggest Fan’ which is a springboard for an exciting 2021 ahead.

Join us to hear the artistic genesis of Alex McArtor, her biggest influences and her unique songwriting process.

For more, visit:


Country Music Duo: The Dryes

An incredible pair of musicians and souls, Jamie is joined by Derek and Katelyn Drye, better known as ‘The Dryes’.

The husband and wife duo, have released hit -single after hit-single including two chart-toppers in 2020: ‘Take You Dancin’ and ‘Yes’, the latter which is performed on this episode in a spellbinding acoustic performance.

Join us as The Dryes share with Jamie how they met, Derek overcoming life challenges to create blessings and what is next for the band.

For more on The Dryes, visit:


Gothic-Folk Band: The Dust Bowl Faeries

An incredibly unique and trailblazing band, Jamie welcomes New York-based ‘The Dust Bowl Faeries’ to the show.

On the heels of the release of their acclaimed album ‘The Plague Garden’, Lead Vocalist Ryder Cooley and Jon B. Wooden (Guitars, Vocals, and Castanettes) share the story of their unique band, how 2020 inspired their songs and perform a wonderful version of ‘Ibex’ exclusively for the show.

For more information on The Dust Bowl Faeries, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Erin Enderlin

An accomplished singer/songwriter, Erin Enderlin is also one of the best storytellers in music today.

A member of the 2018 CMT Next Women of Country and recipient of the Arkansas Country Music Awards Songwriter and Album of the Year, Enderlin is also one of Nashville’s most in-demand songwriters. She has penned mega country hits such as Alan Jackson’s “Monday Morning Church,” Lee Ann Womack’s “Last Call,” Luke Bryan’s “You Don’t Know Jack,” and a host of other songs for Randy Travis, Joey+Rory, and more.

Jamie is honored to welcome the unique trailblazing talent of Erin Enerling to the show.

For more:


Folk/Americana Duo: Darling West

Darling West, one of the most impressive musical acts to come out of Norway join Jamie on this unforgettable episode.

Watch as Mari and Tor Egil walk us through the genesis of the band, their unique musical sound that has the Americana world ‘buzzing’, and the duo’s latest album, the fantastic ‘We’ll Never Know Unless We Try’.

Stay tuned for a spine-tingling performance of ‘Rolling On’ from their award-winning album ‘While I Was Asleep’.

For more on Darling West:


Singer/Songwriter: Lauren Mascitti

A nascent Country superstar, Jamie is joined by Lauren Mascitti on the show.

Breaking into the scene with her breakthrough performances on American Idol, Mascitti has crafted an album hailed by fans and critics alike in 2020: God Made a Woman. The album includes the instant-classic title track and newest single ‘Losing My Mind’ which she gives us an exclusive performance of.

In addition to her musical talents, Mascitti is a registered nurse, who has given back and cared for her community in spades during 2020.

For more on Lauren Mascitti:


Singer-Songwriter: Kris Angelis

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Kris Angelis, the critically acclaimed voice behind a plethora of hit singles including ‘That Siren, Hope’ and ‘My Quiet’ joins Jamie on this special episode.

With a long list of awards including the LA Music Critics Awards and being #1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart, Kris has become a regular on SiriusXM and major media outlets.

2020 saw Kris more productive than ever, including releases of ‘Live at the Hotel Cafe’ and singles including ‘My Quiet’, of which she gives us an exclusive performance of.

For more on Kris Angelis:



Singer/Songwriter: Adam Chaffins

One of Americana’s most unique artists, Jamie is joined by Adam Chaffins on the show.

A musician crafting his own sound, Adam honors the past of country and bluegrass while adding fresh sparks of R&B and Indie-rock, creating something that has been critically acclaimed by everyone from NPR music, to Billboard and CMT.

Adam’s latest single ‘Now I Don’t Know’ was just released, and is an instant hit. Already charting atop AppleMusic, Spotify, and SiriusXM. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for an exclusive performance of the new single.

For more on Adam Chaffins, visit


Singer/Songwriter: Caroline Jones

Multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, and Dancer, Caroline Jones join Jamie on the show.⁣

Caroline has a long list of accomplishments under her name, having already become a live staple touring with Zac Brown Band on various separate tours, opening for Kenny Chesney, and playing The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2019.⁣

When she is not on the road touring, Caroline is also the host of Sirius XM’s Art & Soul where she sits down with musicians from around the world for intimate acoustic performances and conversations about their music creation process.⁣

We welcome Caroline to the show.⁣

For more on Caroline Jones:⁣


Musical Duo: Tigirlily

Nashville recording artists and North Dakota’s own sister musical duo Kendra and Krista, better known as ‘Tigirlily’ join Jamie on the show.⁣

From singing in church at an early age to headlining shows nationwide, Tigirlily’s story is one of perseverance, hard work, and connection with their fans. ⁣

Whether it’s through YouTube, TikTok, or during their high energy tours, the tigirlily fan community is one of the biggest in the industry!⁣

Join us as the sisters touch on a plethora of subjects, including: giving back to the community, their first musical instruments, and perform a couple of great songs from their energetic song catalog.⁣

For more on tigirlily:


Singer/Songwriter: Katie Cole

With a unique blend of powerful storytelling, pristine production, and an unforgettable voice, Katie Cole is a force to be reckoned with.

The Australian born/Nashville based powerhouse recently released her latest single ‘Hands Tied’, the latest in a long of hit singles that have made her a regular mainstay on media as varied as BBC Radio 2 in the UK and American Songwriter.

Join us as Katie takes Jamie on a journey from performing in the bars of Melbourne to touring the biggest stadiums in the world with The Smashing Pumpkins. And stay tuned for a spine-tingling performance of ‘Time on My Side’ from her 2018 EP ‘Things that Break’.

For more:


Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist: Northcote

With a unique raspy-sweet voice effortlessly laid over a beautifully blended landscape of folk and Americana, NORTHCOTE (Matthew Goud) recently released one of the most powerful EP’s of 2020: ‘Hear Me Roar’.

In a memorable episode, Jamie talks with NORTHCOTE about a variety of in-depth subjects, including
turning depression into the light, giving back to the community, and how the amazing songwriting for this EP came to be.

Make sure to listen to ‘Hear Me Roar’ Available NOW and for more on this wonderful human and artist, make sure to visit


Folk-pop/ Rock Band: Wild Rivers

With a knockout punch of unparalleled talent, undeniable chemistry, and big human empathy ‘Wild Rivers’ has become one of the most popular acts of the past decade.

Join us, as Jamie welcomes Vocalist/Bass Player Devan Glover and Guitarist Andy Walker to share the story of the band, the importance of mental health awareness, and how their separate side projects keep the band running on all cylinders.

Make sure to check out ‘Live from Lockout’ on November 18th, 2020 at 8:00 pm EST. A virtual show to benefit ‘Bring Change to Mind and ‘’ where the band will be performing songs of their outstanding new EP: ‘Songs to Break Up To’.

For more:


Singer/Songwriter: Bella White

With a completely unique sound, Bella White’s debut ‘Just Like Leaving’ has the country and Americana scene buzzing.

Bringing a traditional style of bluegrass into the contemporary moment, White puts her own experiences into the classic sound and is exposing new generations of music fans to the genre.

Make sure to check out Bella White’s debut album ‘Just Like Leaving’ and visit for more information, future tour dates, and webstore.


Music Photographer & Director: Rob Loud

One of the most prolific music photographers of the past 15 years, Rob Loud joins Jamie for a very special episode.

Rob’s work has been featured in major magazines and newspapers worldwide, advertisements and auctions, and as album artwork. He has served as the official photographer for many high profile events such as Lollapalooza, New York Fashion Week and the US Open.

In addition, he is the main photographer for bands like Arkells and The Killers, for whom he is considered ‘virtually’ another band member capturing their iconic moments around the world.

Join us for this special episode, and check out to see some of his prints and other information.


Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist: Xander Marsden

Teenage blues prodigy Xander Marsden joins Jamie on the show.

With a newly released EP (out now) and an emotional maturity way beyond his young age, Xander’s debut EP is one of the most talked-about releases of late 2020. Watch as Xander discussed the impact Eddie Van Halen played on his career, the first time he picked up a guitar and spending time with Quincy Jones.

For more:


Americana Band: Alright Alright

With one of the year’s best albums, Americana/Folk band ‘Alright Alright’ joins Jamie to chat about their newly released gem Crucible.

Based in Denver, Colorado the husband and wife duo of Seth and China Kent, walk Jamie through a myriad of topics, including their love story, the importance of family, and their creative process.

Stay tuned for a gorgeous performance of ‘Missouri Calling’. For more information on Alright Alright:


Indie-Rock Band: Grizfolk

Swedish-American Alt-Rock band Grizfolks joins the show.
With a catchy blend of electronic-tinged folk-rock and pop, this foursome has caught the ears of fans around the globe, quickly amassing millions of streams and listeners from all corners of the world.

Listen as Adam Roth (Lead Vocals & Guitar) and Bill Delia (Drums) talk to Jamie about the genesis of the band, recording in the desert, and reaching new generations with their song on the ‘Mr. Peabody’ children animated film.

For more:


Singer/Songwriter: Lauren Davidson

A pioneer of the ‘Urban Country’ sound and one of country music’s trailblazing talents, Lauren Davidson joins Jamie on the show. The NYC/NJ talent shares with Jamie the musical journey that has taken her from writing songs with her father as a young child to performing the national anthem at a sold-out Madison Square Garden.

Watch why critics have called her: “an early Patsy Cline or Linda Ronstadt; with that, I can do this myself attitude”

For more:


Talent Manager: Tess Davies

In a first-ever, we welcome Nashville Talent Manager Tess Davies to the show. Hailing from Southern California, Tess has entrenched herself in the Nashville music scene, working alongside the rising star, and friend of the show Paulina Jayne. Join us as Tess shares how she keeps her schedule running, her path to success, and how she fell off a Teeter Totter during Halloween.


Comedian/Activist: Julia Pels

A unique soul, Jamie is joined by L.A based Comedian, Actress, Model, and Activist Julia Pels. (@QueerComedian on Instagram).
The Chicago born talent goes in-depth about her story, touching on subjects as varied as mental health, ‘coming out’ of the closet after being an ‘All American’ girl, her comedy, and how activism has always shaped her. For more on the wonderful Julia Pels, visit:


Singer/Songwriter: Brit Taylor

Brit Taylor, one of the ‘buzziest’ voices in Nashville joins Jamie on the show.
A traditional country voice with lyrics that creep into your soul, discover with everyone from Billboard to Music Row Magazine is raving about Taylor’s instant classics, as she shares her journey moving into Music City at 17 years old, and working with Producers like Dan Auerbach and Dave Brainard.In addition, Taylor gifts us with an unforgettable performance of her hit single ‘Waking Up Ain’t Easy’.

For more in Brit Taylor, future dates and news,


Country, Pop, Americana Trio: The Buckleys

One of the hottest bands in the world, Australian sibling trio ‘The Buckleys’ joins Jamie on the show. Fresh off the heels of their Live Nation produced ‘Virtual World Tour’ that reached 4.5 million people, Sarah, Lachlan, and Molly Buckley share with Jamie unique stories of the band, including keeping the family harmony, growing up in the age of social media and the impact Nashville has had on their lives..

For future tour dates, news, and more information, visit


Actress/Writer: Kelly Jenrette

Emmy-nominated actress Kelly Jenrette (Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”) joins Jamie on the show. With an impressive drive, focus, and talent, Kelly has built one of Hollywood’s most respected careers, one that has taken her from the theatre stages of Atlanta to starring roles in Netflix movies, CBS shows, and beyond.

Join us as Kelly shares her perseverance, first concert, and take on the current social movements in our country.


Singer/Songwriter: Molly Burch

One of today’s most critically acclaimed singer/songwriters in Indie-pop, Molly Burch joins the show. A fascinating chat that talks about Molly’s journey into the Austin music scene, channeling heartbreak into Art, and what makes a good cover song. Don’t miss Molly/s Christmas album, available for pre-order in limited edition ‘Candy Cane’ vinyl. For more:


Folk-pop/ Rock Band: Ivan & Alyosha

Jamie is joined by Tim Wilson, lead singer, and guitarist for critically acclaimed Seattle based Indie band ‘Ivan & Alyosha’ for a very insightful and entertaining conversation. Join us as Tim shares with Jamie how the band has adapted to the streaming era, the creative process during COVID-19, and a spectacular acoustic performance of their new single ‘Whiskey and Wine’. Don’t forget to check out the new self-titled EP from Ivan & Alyosha out on October 23rd.


Psychedelic alt rock band: The Neverlutionaries

The Neverlutionaries, the brand new project from renowed singer/songwriter Christopher Harold Wells is out with their new first single ‘Ariana’. Join us, as Chris takes Jamie on a deep and fascinating conversation about the genesis of the music project, recording in hollowed studios in the Bay Area, and the bigger purpose that COVID-19 has shown humanity. Make sure to stream the gorgeous new single ‘Ariana’ out NOW, and check out the upcoming self-titled EP that will be released January 21, 2021 on Polychromatic Records.


Entertainer/Musician: Hal Sparks

A delight to welcome entertainment Icon Hal Sparks to the show. Join us as Hal remembers the late Eddie Van Halen with hilarious anecdotes, Van Halen memories, and a breakdown of what made the late rocker such an iconic figure in rock and roll history. Hal also shares with Jamie what he has been up to during the unforgettable year of 2020. For more on Hal Sparks, make sure to check out his website: and his Twitch channel:


Best Selling Author/Coach/Host: Jay Rothman

On an inspiring and powerful episode, Jamie welcomes International Transformational Coach, 2x Best-Selling author, and talk show host Jay Rothman to the show.
Jay, who lives in Sedona, Arizona has worked with thousands of people from around the world to help heal them of their addictive behaviors, overcome limiting beliefs, and reach their potential.
In addition, Jay hosts the popular ‘Real Men, Real Talk Live’ a weekly online talk show, where along with an all-star cast of co-hosts (including friend of the show Jeff Fasano), they chat about life’s challenges from the male perspective.

‘Real Men, Real Talk Live ‘ airs every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm EST/6:00 pm PST on For more on Jay’s work and how to connect with him, visit:


Remembering Eddie Van Halen with Jason Hanley of Rock Hall

Jamie is joined by Jason Hanley, the VP of Education and Visitor Engagement at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to remember the late Eddie Van Halen.


Rock 'N Roll Band: Stone Horses

Washington D.C based Alt-Rock band ‘Stone Horses’ joins Jamie on this Rockin’ episode. With a rich musical influence that includes early blues, Motown bass, and playful lyrics, Stone Horses has been quickly climbing up the Billboard Active Rock charts with their hit single ‘Good Ol’ Days’. Join us, as the lead singer and frontman John Allen shares stories of the band’s beginnings, stealing stadium headlights as a teen, and his thoughts on the future of rock n’ roll. Ther new EP is out NOW! For more, check out


Rock & Roll Band: Hollis Brown

Jamie welcomes Mike Montali, lead singer for all American rock band ‘Hollis Brown’. With a sound that harkens back to Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Velvet Underground, Hollis Brown has created an impressive career in less than a decade and made raving fans out of critics and live music lovers alike. Join us, as Mike shares with Jamie the genesis of the band, the art of songwriting, and the future of rock. For more, visit


Legend/Singer/Songwriter: Judy Collins

An episode for the books!
Jamie is joined by the legendary Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Judy Collins on this very special episode. Join us, as Judy tells incredible stories of music lore. Among them: the night Janis Joplin whispered in her ear, the artistic and romantic relationship with Stephen Stills, civil rights today, and the impact she’s had on current luminaries like Brandi Carlile and Margo Price.


Singer/Songwriter: VANIA

One of the most stunning voices in indie-pop today ‘Vania’ joins Jamie on the show. With a combination of sheer vulnerability and power, Vania’s music is quickly becoming one of 2020’s best musical breakthrough acts. Her latest single ‘Wonder’ self-produced along with Elliot Jacobson OUT now. For more information, and future tour dates check out


Alt-Pop Band: EAST OF JUNE

A formidable band brought together by destiny, EAST OF JUNE joins Jamie on the show.
Watch as marketing exec Kyle Mortensen, founding member of INCUBUS bassist Dirk Lance and vocalist Emily Rath share the unique story that brought their undeniable talents together, and has them buzzin’ in the Los Angeles music scene.
Their new critically acclaimed single ‘Little Bird’ was recently released, with more new music on the way. For more information, future tour dates, and more, check out


Singer/Songwriter : Sydney Sierota (Echosmith)

]Sydney Sierota, Lead singer and keyboardist for Echosmith joins Jamie on the show. With a blend of indie rock and 1980’s dance-rock, Echosmith has become in just a decade one of the most influential bands in music with such chart-topping hits as ‘Cool Kids’, ‘Bright’ and ‘Lonely Generation’. Watch as Sydney tells Jamie about the band’s journey, including Quarantine life, their new record ‘Lonely Generation’, and growing up with social media. For tour dates and more info:


Singer/Songwriter: Emma Swift

On the season finale of our show, Jamie is joined by acclaimed singer/songwriter Emma Swift.  Emma recently released what has been universally praised as one of the best albums of the year, the spectacular ‘Blonde on The Tracks’, a re-imagination of some of Bob Dylan’s classic tracks including his newest song ‘I Contain Multitudes’. Join us, as Emma shares her story of growing up in Australia, her love affair with country music, and her path to Nashville. For more, visit


Boom Bap Hip Hop Artist Prema777

Staten Island, NY’s Prema777, makes show history as she becomes the first Hip Hop guest on the program. Prema (2nd Generation Wu-Tang Family) has a new single off her Take Flight LP (To be re-released early 2021)  titled ‘Working’. A stunning lyrical piece, blending the essence of the golden age of hip hop, R&B and modern soul. Join us, as Prema shares with Jamie her unique career journey, where her drive and hunger come from and how 2020 has been like for her.


Houses of Rock: The Tabernacle - Atlanta (Episode 2)

In the second episode of Houses of Rock, Jamie visits the legendary music venue ‘The Tabernacle’ in Atlanta, Georgia. Live Nation Clubs and Theatres General Manager Brandon Berry guides viewers through the spectacular story of this unique building which started as a church in 1911 and has gone to host a plethora of acts including Adele, Coldplay, and Dave Chappelle. For more information on upcoming events at the historic venue, visit and for more information on Houses of Rock, visit by Jack Winch.Thank You to Daniel Pendleton, Charlie Tankersley, Sally Hackel, Chris Ozment and Brandon Berry.


Alternative Rock Band: Good Terms Band

Jamie is joined by one of the most talked-about new musical groups, the self-described ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Emo’ Good Terms Band. The band consisting of Ivan Barry, Geo Botelho, Zach Boucher, and Brian McShea just released their first single ‘Wither Away’ and is already making waves in the alt-rock community. Tune in to hear the hilarious story of how the band came to be, Brian’s soft spot for Green Day and learn of Zach’s fascination with vinyl. For more, visit:


Comedian: Caitlin Alyn

Thrilled to welcome one of the funniest up and coming talents in Hollywood, the mega-talented Caitlin Alyn to the show. With an irreverent and absurdist comedy style that harkens back to the days of Abbott and Costello or sketch comedy classics like ‘The State’, Caitlin is slowly but surely bubbling up the comedic ranks. In addition to being the video producer for the legendary comedy club ‘The Laugh Factory’, she is also a gifted director, actress, and writer for many creative projects. For more information make sure to check out


Actor/Singer/Dancer: Adam Irigoyen

One of Hollywood’s most talented young actors, Miami native Adam Irigoyen joins Jamie on the show. Adam stars opposite Hilary Swank in the NETFLIX series “AWAY,” which just dropped on Friday, September 4th, and is already a top-10 hit on the platform.
Adam is well known for starring on the hit Disney Channel series “Shake It Up” opposite Zendaya and Bella Thorne when he was younger; as well as had recurring roles on popular shows including “The Fosters,” and “The Last Ship,” along with guest-starring roles on “Major Crimes” and “2 Broke Girls.”
For more, follow Adam on Instagram: @AdamIrigoyen


Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist: Erick Slick

Prolific singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Slick joins Jamie on the show. Slick who recently released his outstanding new album ‘Wiseacre’ is known for his work with Natalie Prass, Dr. Dog, and for his critically acclaimed solo work. His new album is full of technicolor brightness and radiates light in a year we could all use some of it. For more, visit


Singer/Songwriter Carolyn Miller

One of the blazing stars of pop and country we have today, Jamie welcomes Carolyn Miller to the show.  Carolyn’s latest single ‘Ain’t About That’  has been one of the songs of the summer, being featured everywhere from Chris Country (UK’s largest country station) to voted fan favorite in stations such as WAYZ.  Join us, as Carolyn shares her story that begins in Long Island and goes on to perform in theatre with Broadway greats and on to the top of the music charts.

For more, visit

Legendary Musician/Drummer: Jim McCarty (The Yardbirds)

An episode for the books! Jamie is joined by the legendary drummer Jim McCarty, the original and current member of ‘The Yardbirds’, one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Formed in 1963, The Yardbirds started the careers of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 and was named number 89 in Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”. Join us for incredible never heard before stories from rock royalty.


Singer/Songwriter Treva Blomquist

Seattle Born Treva Blomquist, one of today’s most fascinating folk/soul/rock singers & songwriters joins Jaime on the show. With a brand new record ‘Snakes & Saints’ that has been hailed by critics and fans alike, Treva shares her journey as an artist with Jamie and performs a spectacular version of ‘Secret’ from her new album. For more, check out


Indie Rock Band: Surfer Blood

One of the most successful rock bands to ever come out of South Florida, Jamie is joined by Indie Rockers ‘Surfer Blood’ on this special episode. Join us as John Paul Pitts (lead vocals/guitars) and Mike McCleary (guitars/backing vocals) share with Jamie the story of the band, including the ups, the downs, and the lessons learned. Check out the 10-year anniversary deluxe double LP version of Astro Coast coming out this year for Record Store Day and on September 25th their brand new album, Carefree Theatre is out. For more, visit:


Actor/Entrepreneur: Allen Maldonado

One of young Hollywood’s busiest stars on the rise, the multi-talented, actor, writer, and entrepreneur Allen Maldonado joins Jamie on this inspiring episode. Allen currently stars opposite Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Netflix’s #1 film PROJECT POWER which dropped on August 14th. In addition to a plethora of great acting credits, the hard-working Maldonado runs a record company (Get it Done Records), Production company (Only Son Productions), and a T-Shirt Line that helps the underprivileged youth.


Singer/Songwriter Cathy Richardson

On the day Jefferson Starship releases their newest album, Mother of the Sun, (the first new music the band has created in 12 years) Jamie welcomes lead-singer and all-around trailblazer Cathy Richardson.

Join us, as Cathy walks Jamie through her unforgettable journey, from the suburbs of Illinois to playing Janis Joplin on stage and on to leading one of the greatest rock and roll ensembles of all time. Make sure to check out the brand new release from Jefferson Starship ‘Mother of The Sun’. Out NOW.


Singer/Songwriter Quinn DeVeaux

Jamie is joined by R&B Soulman Quinn DeVeaux, author of one of the best albums of 2020 ‘Book of Soul’. With music that takes you back to the sound of Sam Cooke, Al Green, and Ray Charles, DeVeaux has established himself as a critic favorite, and one of today’s ‘Soul Ambassadors’ in North America.  Join us, as DeVeaux takes us into his fascinating life story that began in Gary, Indiana, and onto today’s music charts. For more,


Music Photographer/ Author Jeff Fasano

In an absolute classic episode, Jamie is joined by one of the world’s most esteemed music photographers, Jeff Fasano. The in-depth conversation touches on many topics, including his iconic music images, his life purpose, and being in alignment with one’s soul’s plan. Jeff’s work and humanity have won him the admiration of major artists, publications, and the general public and it was an honor to have him on the show. For more information, visit


Producer/Violinist/ Singer-Songwriter: Illicit Ghost

Insanely gifted Producer, Violinist, and Singer-Songwriter ‘Illicit Ghost’ joins Jamie on the show for a fascinating chat. With songs about self-love, emotional strength, and the struggles of finding inner peace, Illicit has become a critics favorite. Watch as Illicit joins us to share her story, her music-making process, and the tale of her highly popular music curation playlist ‘The Anti Anxiety’ Playlist on Spotify.


Singer/Songwriter Paulina Jayne

Forged in the ‘Motor City’ of Detroit, Michigan and now a Nashville resident, Jamie proudly welcomes one of the coolest blazing talents in Country Music: Paulina Jayne. Paulina’s energy, voice, and songwriting have made singles like ‘Make The Moves’ (2019) and ‘Credit’ (2020) instant hits, and her stage presence and relationship with her fans is something to be cherished. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a very special performance from Paulina. For more:


Singer/Songwriter Cassadee Pope

Jamie welcomes GRAMMY® award-nominated singer, songwriter, and musician Cassadee Pope. Cassadee is releasing her new album ‘Rise & Shine’ on August 7th, an acoustic and beautiful album that includes instant hits ‘Hoodie’, ‘Counting on The Weather’ and ‘Let Me Go’. Buckle up as we hear about the journey that has taken Cassadee from growing up in West Palm Beach, FL, to winning season 3 of The Voice and into playing the world’s largest arenas.  For more information, and Pre-save/Pre-order:  Rise and Shine


Singer/Songwriter Liz Brasher

A unique and trailblazing talent, Jamie proudly welcomes critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Liz Brasher to the show. With a completely unique style of southern rock, Brasher has won over critics and international audiences alike earning rave reviews everywhere from NPR to Rolling Stone magazine. Her latest powerful and emotional single ‘Sad Girl Status’ is OUT now. Listen on your favorite streaming platform. For more:


Singer/Songwriter Skylar Gregg

Jamie welcomes the incredible Skylar Gregg, one of the most gifted artists out of Nashville today. Skylar’s new record ‘Roses’ which includes the hit singles ‘Long Way Back’ and ‘Roses’ comes out on August 14th and was produced by Jon Estes (Dolly Parton, John Paul White). Join us for this fascinating conversation that touches on Skylar’s early life, career arc and includes a powerful live performance of the second single ‘Roses’ live on the show. For more:


Singer/ Songwriter/Actor & Activist: Doug Locke

Jamie is pleased to welcome a fascinating and thought-provoking guest: singer, songwriter, actor, and activist Doug Locke, also known as ‘Locke’. Locke’s new hit single “Why?” tackles Racism and Hate in America today with a delicacy and depth that very few artists can successfully balance. The conversation also touches a variety of subjects, including playing Jimmy Hendrix on screen, his energetic live performances, and growing up in suburban Houston, Texas. For more information, follow Doug Locke on Instagram: @locketheartist .


Indie Rock Band: The Milwaukees

Dylan Clark, frontman for New Jersey rock band ‘The Milwaukees’ joins Jamie on the show. The band is celebrating its first new album release since 2011 titled ‘The Calling’ out August 21st and which features the instant hit ‘No Way Out’. The fascinating conversation features a guest cameo from guitarist Jeff Nordstedt, and touches on a variety of subjects that includes the band’s rich history, life challenges and making of the latest album. An instant classic.


Singer/Songwriter Maddox Jones

Hot on the heels of the release of his Headspace EP, British singer and songwriter Maddox Jones joins Jamie on the show. The great conversation touches on the making of the critically acclaimed EP Headspace (which spent its first week of release in the top 10 of the UK iTunes chart), his career, and what Quarantine has been like for him.


Real Estate Agent/Reality TV Star Maya Vander

On a very special episode, Maya Vander, one of the beloved stars of the hit NETFLIX show ‘Selling Sunset, joins Jamie on the show. Ahead of the Season 3 premiere on August 7th, Maya talks with Jamie about a variety of topics. Among them, her upbringing in Israel, motherhood, what the year of Corona has been like for her, and gives us a glimpse of what crazy antics we can expect of the Oppenheim Group this season.


Singer/Songwriter Kat Higgins

Jamie welcomes Kat Higgins, a unique and inspiring talent, giving light to country music first through her songwriting and now with her soaring vocals. Higgins has been writing songs for some of the biggest names in country music including Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney and now is releasing her own hits, including the instant classic ‘Gone Ler Her Go’ and ‘We Go Driving’ which she performs at the end of this very special episode. For more information:


Pop/Folk group Smith & Thell

Maria Jane Smith & Victor Thell, better known as ‘Smith & Thell’  join Jamie for a wonderful and in-depth conversation that touches on a variety of fascinating topics. From their early beginnings in Sweden to International success that caught fire with their single  ‘Forgive Me Friend’ the story of Smith & Thell is as inspiring as it is breathtaking. Join us, as Maria and Victor share their stories of resilience in adversity, art and play for us a brand new song ‘Year of The Young.


Singer/Songwriter Brontë Fall (Teri Bracken)

With one of the most honest and thought-provoking albums of the year, Teri Bracken’s Brontë Fall is back with ‘Finishing School’ out everywhere on August 21st. A six-song masterpiece that touches on the constraints that the modern woman faces on subjects ranging from marriage to aging, Brontë Fall achieves a spectacular indie-pop/Americana blend that will leave the listener inspired and in ‘awe’ of Bracken’s vocals. Join us and hear the story of Brontë Fall and how this great album came to be.


Actress/Singer: CARYS (Aviva Mongillo)

A shining star in today’s pop scene, Jamie welcomes Canadian Actress and Singer CARYS to the show. With a plethora of hit singles under her name, CARYS has become one of the most buzzed-about artists on Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok. It’s in this increasingly popular platform where she has the title of ‘Most Streamed Song in TikTok History’ with her 2019 smash hit ‘Princesses Don’t Cry’ with a staggering 850,000 streams! Her latest single ‘No More’ has also been at the top of many charts since it came out mere weeks ago. Aviva tells Jamie about her unique career arc, and what is next for her. For more, follow CARYS on IG: @CARYSOFFICIAL



Special Edition: Singer/Performer Lady A (Anita White)

On a special edition of the show, Jamie is joined by Anita White, better known by her stage name ‘Lady A’ of more than 30 years. White is in the middle of a name dispute with  the country group formerly known as Lady Antebellum, who hit her with a trademark lawsuit this week after the group changed their name last month. We hear from Anita on what happened and how we got to this point, and touch on her life as an artist/performer.


Drummer/Rock Legend: Liberty DeVitto

Jamie welcomes one of Rock and Roll’s legendary Drummers, Mr. Liberty De Vitto to the show. As the drummer to Billy Joel for many years, he was part of many anthems and timeless songs, including New York State of Mind, Miami 2017, Only The Good Die Young, Always a Woman To Me, and Zanzibar among many others. Liberty is celebrating his new memoir:  Liberty: Life, Billy and the pursuit of Happiness.  (Out July 14th, 2020) and available now on and  Join us as Liberty takes Jamie down memory lane, from his upbringing listening to the Beatles, to a whirlwind career with one of the biggest music stars in the world.



Alternative/Indie Electro Band: Cannons

With one of the hottest records of the year, Indie/Electro band ‘Cannons’ have been EVERYWHERE this year. Whether its Billboard magazine, Netflix’s hit show ‘Never Have I Ever’ or a plethora of other worldwide recognition, if you don’t know their name you sure know their songs. Their hit single ‘Fire For You’ has almost 10 million streams across all streaming platforms and has been called by some “The song of the summer”. Lead singer Michelle Joy, Drummer Paul Davis, and Guitarist Ryan Clapham join Jamie to discuss the unforgettable year for the band. For more


Singer/Songwriter Julia Bhatt

Already a buzzing artist in the indie/alt-pop underground, Jamie welcomes the mega-talented, fellow South-Floridian Julia Bhatt to the show. Julia’s uniquely rhythmic tracks have gained her big momentum and critical appraisal from many publications including Earmilk and SKOPE Magazine who point out her “slinky lounge esque r&b groove… that make her flowy vocals shine bright, leading into a sense of urgency.” Join us, as Julia walks Jambie through her life, including the musical influence of her mom, her songwriting method, and plans for future shows. For more follow Julia Bhatt on Instagram @juliabhatt.


Singer/Songwriter Seán Ó Corcoráin (OUTSIDER)

With one of the best albums of the year, Jamie is pleased to welcome Irish multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter OUTSIDER (real name Seán Ó Corcoráin) on the show. The fascinating and thought-provoking conversation not only talks in detail about the outstanding new album ‘Karma of Youth’, mastered by GRAMMY® award-winning Greg Calbi (The National, War On Drugs, Arcade Fire) but also about creativity, spiritual awakenings, astrology and the deeper meaning of Covid-19 in the human spirit. A conversation that felt like talking to a long-time friend. Make sure to check out the fantastic ‘Karma of Youth’ out now via OK! Good Records and follow sean on Instagram for more @thisisoutsider.


DJ/On-Air Personality Kristine Stone

Jamie welcomes the one and only Kristine Stone, DJ, and mega-popular on-air personality for Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

With Sirius XM since its inception, Kristine has been guiding listeners throughout the years with impeccable music, humorous anecdotes, and memorable interviews. Listen in as Kristine walks Jamie through her career journey that started with winning a ‘DJ for a day’ contest in Boston and taking the leap into Satellite radio before reviewing the best songs of 2020.

Make sure to listen to Kristine on Sirius XM The Spectrum (Channel 28), Classic Rewind (Channel 25) and follow her on Twitter @Kristine_Stone and Instagram @kristinestone


Guitarist/Entrepreneur Brian Robert Jones

Musician extraordinaire, bassist, producer, guitarist, and entrepreneur Brian Robert Jones joins Jamie on the podcast. With an extraordinary and prolific young career, buckle up as Brian shares stories that include everything from touring with Gwen Steffani, Vampire Weekend, and MUNA to his debut LP, Only Human Natural with pop-funk duo Human Natural. In addition, Brian tells us the story of his new highly successful clothing line LXIX Apparel. A very in-depth interview, one of the best so far with an artist who is a shooting star just getting started. Follow Brian on Instagram for more: @brianrobertjones



Emmy Award winning Writer, Producer, Comedian & Author Morgan Swank

A once in a generation talent, Morgan Swank is a creative trailblazer in the entertainment world. Join us, as Morgan shares with Jamie her unique career path that started as an Intern for Jimmy Fallon, and has taken her to Saturday Night Live, children’s author and into leading her own production company ‘Moonscar Productions’. Make sure to follow Morgan on Instagram @morganswank  and visit for more.


Guitarist Chris van Niekerk (Livingston)

A delightful, insightful, and enjoyable conversation with the very talented Chris Van Niekerk, guitarist for alternative rock band ‘Livingston’.  Join us as Chris shares unique stories with Jamie, including the special relationship with the German fanbase, meeting Justin Bieber before he blew up and isolating in the German forest to reinvent the band’s sound.


Legendary Singer/Entertainer Mary Wilson (The Supremes)

This is one for the books! Jamie welcomes Mary Wilson, legendary singer, one of the founding members, and longest-lasting member of the iconic girl group “The Supremes”. With a wide array of accolades that includes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (1988), best-selling author, and part of the best charting female group in US History, Mary is a true living legend and American icon. We are honored and humbled to talk to Mary about a wide array of subjects, including the current social unrest in our country, signing to Motown Records and performing for the Royal family.


Singer/Songwriter Aric Damm (The Brevet & California Gold)

A fascinating, sweeping, and in-depth conversation with singer, songwriter and guitarist Aric Damm. As the lead singer of alternative rock band The Brevet and new side project CALIFORNIA GOLD, Aric has a unique career in music that is both insightful and inspiring. Join us as Aric walks us through his life, and performs his hit single ‘Stand Close’ recently featured on the season 4 finale of the FX hit show ‘Better Things’.


Music Photographer Wrenne Evans

One of the most sought after music photographers in the industry, Nashville based Wrenne Evans joins Jamie on the podcast. Wrenne’s ability to level larger than life musical moments into intimate occasions, coupled with her uncanny ability to find herself at the right place at the right time, has established Wrenne as a leader in today’s visual and photographic music scene. For more information visit:


Singer/Songwriter Janet Devlin

One of today’s leading young voices, Northern Ireland’s own Janet Devlin joins Jamie on the show. From her meteoric breakthrough on the X-Factor to her brand new album and memoir, Janet leaves no stone unturned in this captivating interview. Make sure to check out Janet’s new album ‘Confessional’ and book ‘My Confessional’ and follow her on Instagram @janetdevlinofficial.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee/Musical Legend John Oates

Legendary Rock, R&B & soul guitarist, singer, songwriter, and record producer John Oates joins Jamie on the jrodconcerts podcast. A fascinating interview that touches on many subjects including the current political protests in America, the detailed story of how John met Oates and a behind the scenes account of Live Aid and Mick Jagger’s unforgettable (for many reasons) performance with Tina Turner. Check out for more information.


Singer / Songwriter Suzie McNeil

From her breakthrough as a contestant on ‘Rock Star: INXS’, to becoming one of Canada’s most successful recording artists, Suzie McNeil’s musical journey is an unforgettable one. Join us, as Suzie walks Jamie through her storybook career that has taken her from performing at the halftime show of the Grey Cup to playing with Steven Tyler and The Loving Mary Band across the world. For more information, visit


Drummer Sarah Tomek

Jamie is joined by one of the most in-demand Rock And Roll drummers in the world today: Sarah Tomek. Currently playing for Steven Tyler, and the fast-rising fan/media favorite Loving Mary Band, Sarah Tomek’s journey from playing in Asbury Park, NJ to touring the world is a unique musical journey. For more visit: or Instagram @sarahtomekdrums


Singer/Songwriter Julia Bullock (The Foxies)

Julia Bullock, the trailblazing and charismatic frontwoman for one of today’s hottest bands ‘The Foxies’ joins Jaime. With a completely original glitter/punk sound, The Foxies is slowly taking over as critic and audience musical darlings. Join us as Julia discusses the current social issues in America, the band’s performance in Bonnaroo, and their spectacular new video for ‘Anti Socialite’. For more information visit


Comedian/Model/TV personality Sarah Lawrence

Australian model, comedian and TV personality Sarah Lawrence joins Jaime for a hilarious breakdown of her extraordinary career. Tune in to hear of the time Sarah got deported in China, her beginnings in comedy and what growing up in Western Australia was like. For more, follow Sarah on Instagram (@thesarahlawrence)


President and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Greg Harris

On a truly sad week in America, Jaime talks to Greg Harris, President and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The interview (recorded before the senseless killing of George Floyd) touches on the impact Rock and Roll, the class of 2020, and ways to support the art form going forward. Rock and Roll and the Hall of Fame’s mission to support artists has never been more important. For more information visit:


Singer/Songwriter Alaina Moore (TENNIS)

Jaime welcomes indie/pop pioneer Alaina Moore, co-founder of chart-topping band TENNIS! Watch as Alaina discusses spending 8 months on a sailboat, how she met her musical & life partner Patrick Riley, and what the Covid-19 experience has been like for the band. For more information on TENNIS, including tour dates, discography and a lot more, visit


Alternative/Indie Rock Band: High Waisted

Jaime welcomes one of today’s most ‘buzzed’ about and critically acclaimed rock bands ‘High Waisted’. Fresh off the release of their new album ‘Sick of Saying Sorry’ Jessica Louise Dye (Vocals/Guitar) and Jono Bernstein (Drums) walk us through their career journey and hilarious anecdotes of life on the road.  For more info, check out


Entrepreneur/Model: Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Jaime is joined by the magnificent Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Model, Entrepreneur, Author, TV personality and Real Estate Broker Kelly Bensimon does it all. Listen in as Kelly walks us through her life journey, her first-ever concert experience, and how she manages to be outstanding at so many roles. Check out Kelly’s Podcast: ‘KKBLOVES Blah Blah’, her blog (KKBLOVES.Com), and on Instagram: @kellybensimon.


Singer/Songwriter/Producer Chelsea Collins

Jaime is joined by Chelsea Collins, one of today’s ‘buzziest’ pop stars. A wide-ranging conversation with the Singer/Songwriter/Producer that includes quarantine life, seeing your face on a giant billboard in Los Angeles, and motivating fans to be their best selves.


DJ & TV Personality Mark Goodman

Legendary radio DJ, TV personality, and actor Mark Goodman joins Jaime to discuss a wide variety of topics, including the night of John Lennon’s passing, the first day of MTV, and the future of Rock and Roll.


Musician/Songwriter Ezra Furman

One of today’s bearers of the ‘Punk’ movement & publicly celebrated by none other than Iggy Pop, Ezra Furman joins Jaime in the latest episode of the jrodconcerts podcast. The fascinating conversation talks about everything from her career arc to Little Richard and what the future holds. More information:


Singer/Songwriter Matt Hires

Singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida Matt Hires joins Jaime to talk about his career arc, life during Corona, and appreciation for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. For tour information and more:


Singer/Songwriter Greta Morgan

Jaime welcomes American singer-songwriter and musician Greta Morgan to the show. Greta has an outstanding career as part of critically acclaimed bands like The Hush Sound, Gold Motel, Springtime Carnivore, and lately as the newest touring member of Vampire Weekend.