LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

with Jamie Rodriguez


‘LIVE’ From The Space at 100 Taylor’ is a new show that focuses on serving today’s most inspiring and influential artists in Nashville music, recorded LIVE from Music City USA.  Hosted by music Journalist Jamie Rodriguez , the show highlights compelling personal stories about the successes, challenges, and triumphs of artists. The show is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, and on Video to an audience of just under 60,000 unique listener.

Our musical guests will get to share their stories like never before.

The beginning of a new Nashville tradition is here.


Jamie Rodriguez

Jamie Rodriguez, aka ‘jrod’, is a prominent music journalist and host of the jrodconcerts: The Podcast, one of the fastest-growing music podcasts in the world. The show features a variety of guests in the music industry, covering a variety of topics including how to build a successful career in entertainment or media, and other valuable lessons.

His authority on all things music, especially when it comes to  Rock N’ Roll’ motivated him to build a successful journalism career over the last two decades. Jamie was previously a radio personality on WHYI Y-100 station in South Florida.


The Space at 100 Taylor

Located in Germantown, one of Nashville's historic neighborhoods 'The Space at 100 Taylor' will be our musical and trend-setting venue.



Tony Hannah: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

With colorful soul, harmony-laden Americana, and raw energy reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Tony Hannah is a unique musical talent.
Raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, Tony spent her formative years in Berkeley, CA, and Brooklyn, NY, performing in local coffee shops and bars.  Her influences however are truly unique and have crafted a groundbreaking sound that ebbs and flows from the legendary Lauren Canyon to the timeless sound of the south.
Now back in Nashville after some years honing her sound out West, Tony is making a strong name for herself in Nashville collaborating with some of Music City’s biggest names as she takes on new projects into 2022 and beyond. On this special episode of LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor, we welcome Tony, (along with mega-talented musician Luke Schneider ) to share her story, and her journey and give us some insights into her truly trailblazing musical soul.
For more on Tony Hannah, visit:

Stacey Kelleher: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

Welcoming back a friend of our show, and Nashville based rising talent Stacey Kelleher to LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor.

Blending electronic elements reminiscent of Dua Lipa and Halsey with driving guitars similar to Post Malone and Green Day, Stacey fuses genres together to create her own unique sound.This original craft, has made her a leading voice in the growing Nashville Alt scene.
On this episode, we learn more about Stacey. From the challenges that she has overcome in her personal life, her vibrant on stage persona and writing sad vs happy songs.  And stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Writing My Own Gravestone’
For more on Stacey Kelleher, visit:

Eric Bolander: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

Originally from Eastern KY,  and now based in Lexington, Eric Bolander is a voice taking the music world by storm.
Lyrically driven by life experiences, Eric’s songs give listeners a glimpse into universal experiences and the realization that growth happens when life gives us challenges and unplanned curveballs.
An Art Teacher by day and Musician by night, Eric’s mind is always immersed in the arts. A passion   for the arts that  keeps him moving forward and a unique work ethic and discipline has slowly made Eric’s name a music tastemaker’s choice in the exploding musical scene coming out of the ‘Bluegrass State’.
On this special episode of LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor, Eric shares with Jamie how he manages to keep his life in balance, the breakthrough moment where he picked up the guitar, we remember the late Taylor Hawkins and much more.
Also, stay tuned for exlusive performances of ‘I Wonder’ and ‘Cold Men’

Treva Blomquist: Singer/Songwriter LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

Welcoming a wonderful Singer/Songwriter and a pillar in the music community, Treva Blomquist to LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor.
A Nashville gem who made one of 2020’s best albums ‘Snakes and Saints’, Treva is a unique and spiritual Musician who inspires her listeners not only with her songs but with her everyday lessons and actions which she shares through social media and beyond.
An accomplished songwriter, Treva Blomquist was a finalist in the first songwriting competition she ever entered—the 2005 Kerrville New Folk Competition—joining the ranks of such distinguished past winners as Lyle Lovett and Shawn Colvin. The following year, she received recognition in the USA Songwriting Competition’s folk category.
In this special episode, Treva shares how pioneering the live streams during the pandemic helped her become a better performer, the experience of performing at the legendary Bluebird Cafe, book recommendations, starting a new album and more. And stay tuned for an exclusive performance of ‘Secret’ from Snakes and Saints.
For more on Treva Blomquist, visit:

Dylan Rockoff: Singer/Songwriter

With stunning self-penned tracks, and pure talent and gifted voice ( no gimmicks, no dancers, and no backing tracks) Dylan Rockoff has firmly established himself as a leading light in Nashville’s Alt-Pop scene.
From Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Dylan has a firm list of accomplishments under his name in a short span. Nominated for Boston artist of the year by WFUR-FM in 2018 he opened for Bon Jovi in Madison Square Garden during his ‘This House is Not For Sale’ Tour.
Past few years have seen Dylan release a handful of singles that have become instant singles. AMong them the recently released ‘Magic’ (OUT Now) as well as 2021 earworms ‘Garden’ and ‘Pennsylvania’.
Tune in to this special episode of ‘LIVE!’ From The Space at 100 Taylor as we connect with Dylan Rockoff, an artist you oughta know.

Manny Blu: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

A global artist with listeners in 128 countries  and a social footprint that includes 2.5M TikTok followers, Manny Blu is an artist unlike any other.
Before he was known as a Nashville artist with his own genre, three EPs, and 1M+ streams, he was playing tours throughout North America and Canada as an acclaimed M.M.A fighter.
When a leg injury left him unable to compete in professional matches, Blu found himself at home in Montreal, recovering from a torn quadricep and looking for a new passion for passing the time. What he found was a renewed appreciation for music. First, he was drawn to the guitar-driven blues of B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer. Secondly, he discovered a connection with the easygoing swagger and relatable storytelling of modern country.
Now, with a burgeoning music career, Manny joins Jamie on LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor to chat about his unique journey, dreams, and plans moving forward.
An episode you don’t wanna miss.
For more on Manny Blum visit:

WILDWOOD: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

With hauntingly beautiful vocals, spine tingling melodies and infinite charm, we welcome WILDWOOD (Anne Buckle) to LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor.
A direct descendant of the legendary Carter Family, WILDWOOD has carved her own unique journey,and a fascinating one it is.  A former diplomat at the US Embassy in Paris, the classically trained violinist and Harvard graduate, left behind a life of diplomacy to chase her calling, sharing her musical art to the world.
Now a full-time Nashville resident, WILDWOOD (named as a homage to her family’s 1927 song) shared with Jamie everything about her journey. Topics include family gatherings with Johnny Cash and June Carter, opening for The Chicks, The influence of her uncle and more. And stay tuned for an exclusive performance ‘Mountain City’.
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Nikki Barber - The Minks: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

Artistic trailblazer and frontwoman for one of Nashville’s leading rock bands ‘The Minks’, Nikki Barber joins Jamie on the show.

With a sound described as  “psychedelic-bloos”, The Minks have become a leading band in Music City’s flourishing alt-rock scene, and Nikki’s vocals have been compared to Patti Smith and Bonnie Raitt by outlets like Guitar Girl Magazine.

Formed in 2016 after Nikki moved to Nashville, the band i getting ready to release the follow up to the mega successful ‘Light & Sweet’ (2016)

Join us as Nikki shares with Jame a variety of topics such as her background in Gettysburg PA, Fashion influences, energy on stage and lots more.

And stay tuned for two exclusive performances of ‘Light and Sweet’ and ‘Keep Warm’


Hadley Kennary: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

On the Season 2 Premiere of LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor we welcome American singer-songwriter Hadley Kennary to the show.

With powerful vocals reminiscent of artists such as Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, along profound songwriting, Hadley has become a leading force in the Nashville Alt-Pop scene and a frequent collaborator with some of the biggest names in Music City.

Her latest EP ‘Crooked Roots’ Out NOW is an outstanding collection of introspective songs that feel both intimate and universal at the same time. With themes of adulthood, finding yourself and your role in an ever changing world, the EP is destined to be on replay for years to come.

Join us for an in-depth chat with Hadley that touches con topics like confidence, songwriting, giving back, the new EP and more. Stay tuned as well for an exclusive performance of the ‘Crooked Roots’


Tim Easton: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

Celebrating Independence Day weekend, we welcome acclaimed All-American Singer/Songwriter Tim Easton to LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor.
A prolific rock and roll, folk and Americana musician, Tim’s had a prolific career since 1997, one that has seen him travel the world, and release countless albums. Now celebrating what may be his best ‘You Don’t Really Know Me‘, a full-band record produced by Brad Jones and Robin Eaton and featuring some of his Nashville colleagues, with most of the songs written in 2020.
Join us to learn about an American musical gem, and stay tuned for exclusive performances of ‘Four Queens’ and ‘you Don’t Really Know Me’ on this special episode

Brad Lee Curtis: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

Nashville based Troubadour, Singer and gifted songwriter Brad Lee Curtis joins Jamie and Jeff on the latest episode of LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor.
Following 2020’s breakout hit ‘Surrender’, Brad Lee is once again making a buzz with the new offering ‘Waiting For The Tide’ which he exclusively performs for us in an intimate setting.
Learn about the incredible journey of this Wisconsin born talent, his support system, musical heroes and more.



The Foxies: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

We welcome one of the hottest Alt-Rock bands in the world: ‘The Foxies’ to LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor.
With catchy, power-chord driven songs, a shade of 1980’s ‘new wave’ and deep songwriting,  The Foxies have earned admiring comparisons to pioneers like Blondie, The Ramones and Green Day. In performance, they’re kinetic and tightly wound, qualities they developed coming up from different backgrounds but always driven by the punk and classic rock scene.
With the steady Rob Bodley on drums, Jake Ohlbaum on guitars and the once in a generation talent of lead singer Julia Lauren Bullock, The Foxies have crafted a wonderful list of hit singles. Among them : Wander in Lust, Timothée Chalamet , Anti Socialite and the brand new single Screws.
Stay tuned for exclusive acoustic performances of ‘Deep Sea Diver’ and ‘Screws and for more on the Foxes including tour dates, fan club information and more, visit:



Katie Cole: LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor

An influential voice in the upper echelon of Americana music, we welcome Australian born and Nashville based Katie Cole to the show.

A self taught musician who began performing at age 16, Cole’s journey is one of hard work, focus and talent that has taken her from local bars in Melbourne, to playing in front of audiences of 100,000 people worldwide.

In this special episode of ‘LIVE! From the Space at 100 Taylor’, we dig deep into the life of Katie Cole, including thoughts on limiting beliefs, how 2020 pushed her to lead the way in live streams, social media savvy and lots more. And stay tuned for two wonderful exclusive performances from Katie Cole: ‘Lie to Me’ and ‘Lullaby’.

For more information on Katie Cole, including her new kickstarter project, future tour dates, fan club and more:



Singer/Songwriter: Skylar Gregg

Skylar Gregg’s remarkable ability to copiously fill every note with soulful passion leaves even the most discerning music critics and fans in awe. We welcome Skylar Gregg to The Space at 100 Taylor where she shares unique stories, anecdotes and exquisite live performances that will leave you mesmerized. Make sure to check out Skylar’s 2020 Album ‘Roses’, out everywhere you stream or consume your music.



Singer/Songwriter Erin Enderlin

Erin Enderlin, one of today’s most accomplished Country music Singer and Songwriters joins Jamie and Jeff on the second episode of LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor.
Having recently performed the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage for the 12th time, Enderlin has also penned a plethora of hit songs with everyone from Terri Clark, to Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, and many more. Her brand new cover album Campfire Covers Vol 2. (Out NOW) follows the critically acclaimed Faulkner Country (2019) which includes the mega-hits Broken, Tonight I Don’t Give a Damn and I Can Be Your Whiskey, of which she performs a spine-tingling version on the show.
Don’t miss this very special episode, and for more on Erin Enderlin visit:



Singer/Songwriter: Alicia Blue

A unique and trailblazing talent, Southern California’s Alicia Blue joins Jamie and Jeff on the premiere episode of ‘LIVE! From The Space at 100 Taylor’.

With a voice, uniquely her own, and a guitar style reminiscing of folk and indie luminaries like Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell, Alicia has quickly become a critical favorite. She’s been featured in publications like Billboard and Atwood Magazine, as well as LA’s legendary KCRW. She’s opened for artists like BØRNS and sang alongside Bill Withers at a tribute to the legend.

Alicia’s first full-length album, Bravebird, was released April 2020 securing spots on Spotify’s influential Fresh Finds Pop and Fresh Finds Rock playlists and garnering a whole new round of buzz and attention. In January 2021, she was listed at the top of Atwood Magazine’s “2021 Artists to Watch.”

Join us for an unforgettable episode where you will learn the journey of an artist, you have to know.

For more on Alicia Blue, visit @aliciabluemusic on Instagram.