Jamie Rodriguez, aka ‘jrod’, is a prominent music journalist and host of the jrodconcerts Podcast, which is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud. Jamie hosts a bi-weekly podcast with one featured guest, covering a variety of topics including how to build a successful career in entertainment or media, the music industry and other valuable lessons. Jamie has had hilarious comedians, famous singers and tour managers on the jrodconcerts Podcast, with more in store for 2021 and beyond!

A proud American Citizen, based in Nashville and Miami (Born in Colombia) Jamie is bilingual with a passion for photography and documenting interesting stories. His authority on all things music, especially when it comes to the rock N’ roll music category motivated him to build a successful journalism and photography career in South America and South Florida over the last two decades. Jamie was previously a radio personality on WHYI Y-100 station in South Florida, covering a Top 40 radio, including Gwen Steffani, Mariah Carey and Simple Plan.

His in-depth knowledge combined with the constantly changing platforms provided by the Internet has allowed Jamie to become a prominent digital creator and influencer in the music arena. He has interviewed and photographed dozens of top musicians including Shakira, U2, Florence & The Machine, Vampire Weekend, amongst dozens of other musicians.

As an avid U2 fan, Jamie has become a regular contributor to the U2 Start Podcast, the number one podcast for U2 fans in the U.S.

In addition, Jamie has been featured for his professional concert photography and rock N’ roll music expertise in a variety of media outlets including NBC Channel 6 South Florida, South Florida Music Magazine, Interference, and Colombia’s largest daily newspaper, El Tiempo.

Jamie is constantly pushing the journalistic and digital creative music space forward with new podcast interviews and innovative content capturing captivating stories about your favorite musicians and entertainers.

If you are a passionate professional in the music or entertainment space and would like to be considered as a guest for the J Rod Podcast, please email Jaime@JRodConcerts.com.