Jamie Rodriguez, aka ‘JRod’, is a prominent music journalist and podcast entrepreneur behind JRod Concerts Media, a new media group dedicated to hosting and uplifting great music-focused podcasts.

Jamie, who is a former Y-100 Miami radio host and personality, first began in the podcast realm in early 2020 with his namesake show– The JRod Concerts Podcast. Since launching, his podcast show has acquired over 50,000 subscribers and publishes new episodes every week. Each show features a new music or entertainment guest– Jamie has had dozens of new and iconic musicians, producers, comedians, entertainers and singers on the JRod Concerts Podcast from around the world. Currently streaming on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud, you are encouraged to subscribe to the JRod Concerts Podcast today!

Most recently, Jamie hosts a new bi-weekly podcast with iconic music photographer Jeff Fasano called ‘LIVE!’ From The
Space at 100 Taylor. Jamie and Jeff host the show in downtown Nashville at The Space at 100 Taylor, which is an innovative coworking & events space dedicated to uplifting the local business and music community.

As a proud American citizen, Jaime hosts his various podcasts in the heart of Nashville, while still remaining connected to his roots and home country of Colombia with a residence in downtown Miami. Jamie is bilingual with a passion for photography, interviewing, live musical shows and documenting interesting stories. His authority on all things music, especially when it comes to the rock N’ roll, has motivated him to build a successful media career over the past decade in South America and South Florida.

Rodriguez is a voting member of the Country Music Association (CMA), Americana Music Association and Folk Alliance international (FAI), the leading international voice for folk music across the world.

In addition to being a former radio personality in South Florida covering Top 40 radio, he has also mastered videography and production, allowing him to become a prominent digital creator and influencer in the music arena. Jamie has interviewed and photographed dozens of new and iconic musicians, producers, comedians, entertainers and singers on the JRod Concerts Podcast. Some of his most noteworthy guests include Morgan Wade and Pearl Charles; current hit makers like Maggie Rose and Vampire Weekend along with musical legends like John Oates, Judy Collins and the late Mary Wilson of The Supremes.

As an avid U2 fan, Jamie has become a regular contributor to the U2 Start Podcast, the number one podcast for U2 fans in the U.S.

Jamie and his podcast media company have been featured in a variety of media outlets including NBC Channel 6 South Florida, South Florida Music Magazine, Interference, SHOUTOUT LA, Voyage Miami, Aventura Magazine and Colombia’s largest daily newspaper, El Tiempo.

Jamie is constantly pushing the journalistic and digital creative music space forward with new podcast interviews and innovative content capturing captivating stories about your favorite musicians and entertainers. If you are a passionate professional in the music or entertainment space and would like to be considered as a guest for the JRod Concerts Podcast, please email Jaime@JRodConcerts.com.